Rob Astorino & Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone

Rob Astorino loses his credibility standing with Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone who mismanaged the taxpayers money by over spending the budget and giving his overpaid staff each a S 10,000 dollar raise. This does not say much for Rob Astorino. Is this a slogan For A Better Yonkers? Get Rid of Phil Amicone he is the Ruination of Yonkers, he’s responsible for the destruction of Yonkers, and the Yonkers Schools are the worse, and he just raised the city’s taxes. These Politicians do not serve the people, they serve themselves. How do you know a man? You know a man by his friends. Money controls these politicians. This slogan For A Better Yonkers? How about this slogan SHOW ME THE MONEY and I’ll take a picture with you, that sounds more fitting as a slogan. I am very disappoint that Rob Astorino associates with this money hungry man Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone. Republican’s are not the answer to Westchester County’s woes. Let’s not forget the worst President of all time George W. Bush, he’s responsible for paralyzing this country, yes a Republican.

The Westchester News.Com

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