Jeffrey Deskovic Speaks


Re: Judge Sotomayor’s “Prosecutorial Misconduct and her procedure over innocence.”

Please share this video with as many people as you can, as they will be concerned about it as you. This is probably one of the most important thing you can do to make a difference in this corrupt society that we live in today. Consider being held as a hostage for 16 1/2 years in your own country, the most hideous crime in America is political corruption. This is “Jeffrey Deskovic Speaks” and it’s the first segment of his talk show. I am truly honored to be part of it.

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Jeffrey Deskovic Speaks


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We begin the Loud News Blog with this subject…

Could you imagine being held like a hostage in the United States Of America for 161/2 years? Jeffrey Deskovic was, and his childhood was taken away from him, he was innocent and falsely arrested and convicted for a horrible crime, until his DNA Freed Him.

The Westchester News

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Jeffrey Deskovic Speaks (Website)

Westchester County, New York


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