Ken JenkinsDoug ColetyReginald LaFayette

“Politics Greedy Politics” has ruined this once great county and state, look what’s running our cities and living off our taxpayer dollars, they turned our cites into zoo’s and our residents into beggars.gin

Look at the Chairman, the Democrat, the County Legislator Ken Jenkins, he’s getting a free seat on Westchester County Legislators.  Republican Chairman Doug Colety could’nt find one person in the Republican Party to go on the ballot against Ken Jenkins in this November Election 2009?  This is a complete joke! These people vote themselves into office.

Doug Colety is the Chairman of the Westchester County Republicans, and he just got a new job at the Board Of Elections, his daughter works there, and his nephew too.

This is ridiculous, these politicians are serving themselves, not the people of Westchester County, it’s about greed and deceit.  The only people smiling in Westchester County are all these corrupt politicians. This is a disgrace.

It’s interesting to look at “wherever” Reginald LaFayette ponders his way, it becomes full of dark clouds, it’s interesting, how he started out in Mount Vernon, and it became so dark and full of corruption, and then he left the city in despair, full of corruption, and he continued into Westchester County bringing his dirty little tactics.  Reginald LaFayette is no hero, he has a track record that has not yet been recorded publicly.

I will always remember Reginald LaFayette as the City Clerk in the City Of Mount Vernon standing on the top of the stairs at Mount Vernon City Hall wearing a black suit and very dark glasses.

He would proudly glance at the most corrupt “Savage” police department in Westchester County, and he’s not finished yet with Westchester County Politics, his dark mentality from back then still remains. He reminds me of a devil, and when he passes through a city you can smell the sulfer.

The Board of Elections plays a game of cat and mouse every election they think people  don’t see their dirty political game of hide and seek  “Republicans and Democrats” 2 for 2 and honestly they don’t care if we  see, they’ve been getting away with it for so long it became second nature.  Every official office in New York to Washington DC ever does anything about all the complaints they recieved, they look the other way.

Honestly, nobody cares because we’re all packing our bags and we’re leaving Westchester County because we’re the smart ones.

Reginald LaFayette from Mount Vernon to Westchester County, who knows maybe he might run for New York State Governor next!  God Forbid!


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