Judge Jeanine pirro

Recently, Jeanine Pirro was on “The View”  these talk shows crack me up they disregard the truth about who she really is and promote her like she’s an expert on the law, and she is as corrupt as they come.

The citizens of Westchester County, New York, are not buying it, most of us here know the dark side of Jeanine Pirro.  we’d like to add that Pirro is a heartless human being, and all the people who are putting her on a pedestal, Shame On You because you know what she is too, and in the end you can’t buy Mrs. Pirro ratings, the camera lens does not lie, and sooner or later Jeanine Pirro will run out of network favors, and the best is yet to come because Pirro’s bullshit will get her to the top, but it’s not gonna keep her there.

In the end, it’s called Karma, and she has plenty of it here in Westchester County, hum, let’s see, she’s still under investigation by the FEDS, maybe, her indictment day will come at a later date.  We look forward to the day she’s brought to Justice for corrupting Westchester County Courts, and prosecuting innocent people for her political gain, she sold her soul to the devil, but in the end she will to be a failure.  Pandora’s Box is wide open in New York.


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