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Biggest Empire City Casino Scam

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Exclusive Story By Barbara Ricci, Investigative Reporter

This story is a story you must read, if you gamble and you can’t seem to win, if you have spent $20.00 dollars or $200.00 dollars, the odds are the more you spend the more you will lose at Empire Casino.  The patrons come in bus loads from Long Island, and many come from the Bronx weekly to try their luck at winning a Jackpot.  Unfortunately, almost everybody leaves broke, aside from a few smart ones, who play fugal.  If anyone wins in this Casino they just end up putting it back into the machines.  The casino can bring in 75 million in one night!  They advertise on Fox News at Ten, and 106.7 radio.  The element has changed at the casino and there is a hostile environment among the employees, although,  most of the security guards are upbeat, friendly and try to be helpful and want to do the right thing for the patrons, but unfortunately,  they are limited by casino management, and are told to mislead patrons and look the other way, a close source told The Westchester News.

The Teamsters Union Local 456 is trying to take control of the Security Guards by trying  to recruit the Casino Security Guards into Local 456.  The Teamsters Local 456 have men out of work who have been in this union for 30 years and not working, men without steady work, no jobs and no power.

The people that I have interviewed in the past year are extremely disappointed in the service, and one hispanic man told me that a black woman screamed at him for calling her to help him with the machine, she was talking to a security guard laughing, and he interrupted her conversation, and she cursed at him.   Then another hispanic woman told me when she took the shuttle bus to her car in the parking lot, the bus driver a black man was very rude and nasty to her.  Then one night I had the honor to meet that bus driver, and trust me, she wasn’t exaggerating.  The parking lot could be a scary place, drunk men pissing on people’s cars, vomiting, and rudeness is just a few of the observances.

The bathroom’s smell like urine at times, one woman said they didn’t have proper disinfectant for the bathrooms.  The women’s bathroom has urine all over the seats, women are not using the toilet seat covers, they are pissing all over the seats and floor, it’s really disgusting.  This could be a disease incubator because thousands of people are using these facilities, and without the proper cleaning products, people could end up spreading diseases. Do they wash down the seats and machines daily?  This is disgusting hygiene, and it’s not only happening at the Empire Casino, it’s happening all over.  Why do women urinate on the toilet seats?  Who does this?

This is a complete story about the Empire State Casino at Yonkers Racetrack, it’s about the truth,  what really goes on behind the scenes, the screens, and behind the machines at Empire Casino.  Why do the slot machine “Screens” roll out of  control when people are playing them?  Well, I recall that’s why they are under investigation for fixing a contest, and that’s what happened when a woman won twice two times in a row.

The contestants complained and felt the contest was fixed, and witnesses came forward acknowledging that the “Empire Casino Marketing Department” is shady and contests can easily be fixed with these computerized games.  My advice to anyone going to any Casino, just go to play for fun, don’t go thinking you’re gonna win big because the odds are not in your favor.  The only thing that you are going to try to win, is your hardworking money back.

Ex- employees have come forward saying that they have lost their jobs for complaining.  The financial numbers are not meeting up, and security lay-offs have been discussed, this casino needs more security officers.  Patrons have to pay for drinks, a Martini is $9 dollars, Beer $5 dollars, Rum & Coke $7 dollars.  There is no happy hour in this place. The Empire Casino can be fun for the moment, it’s a lot of bells and whistles and smoke and mirrors, and party goers beware it’s a very costly night.  There has been fights inside the casino, a man was brought out in an Ambulance after passing out one night and that can be scary when you are dealing with crowds of this multitude, a male kicked the taxi sign in anger and then got on a packed bus, no security to be found. People fighting over handicap parking and the list of complaints continues to go on and on. However, all the security guards have always made me and my crew feel comfortable, but, sometimes the crowd can get a little rough, you have to keep your guard up at all times at this casino.

The Empire Casino Television Commercial that you see advertised is very misleading to the public. The element has changed there it’s a stressed environment.  There are less whites going there on a daily basis, the majority of its clientele are blacks and hispanics. The Latino music is very loud.  The food is not that good either, the buffet tastes like dried up leftovers, the buffet had dried up rice and beans, mac and cheese,  beef, and more, it seems that the casino is catering to a Latino clientele.  The Restaurant buffet manager is a very nice man, however, we did tell him about complaints that we received from patrons, and about the restaurant service and quality of the food, and when we returned to casino restaurant after a couple of weeks, the casino did nothing about any of the complaints, absolutely nothing was done.  Now,  about the other restaurant at the casino, its expensive, but from what I understand you can get a good steak for $39.99 a person, although everything on the menu is a’ la carte.  The Casino knows how to lore people in by sending the locals $5 & $10 dollar coupons monthly for a free play, and the discount coupons are to eat in the cafeteria, by the way the pizza is pretty good, and they hand out cheap gifts, meanwhile, people are maxing out their credit cards to try and win back their losses.

The best advice I can give you is if you win a few bucks, get out leave, hold on to your wallets tight. It’s definitely over crowded inside the casino, once a machine pays it will then suck you in and in the end, you will definitely lose a lot of money if you are not careful, and the parking lot has it’s  problems too.  People are coming out of the casino  long faced, feeling deceived, angry, depressed and broke.  The machines hypnotize you so make it a point to print out your ticket when you win, and put a smaller bill in the machine, if you decide to keep playing the same machine.

There is a lot of shady things going on in this casino, we saw on a couple of occasions scamming going on.  People putting a twenty in the machine, then, they hit the button and win, and quickly pull the winning ticket out of the  machine, and then they another twenty off the pile of twenties in their hand and put it into the machine, and they win a large amount of money again, and repeat the same gesture over and over, we reported it to the management.  We wrote down the time, the number of the machine, and the day and a description of the people, so management can investigate these scammers, remember the casino has camera’s too bad they don’t pay attention to the cameras and react more quickly.  I understand security is investigating a lot of shady activity that seems to be going on inside and outside the casino.  We’ll keep you posted on the scams that we are informed about.

Maybe instead, you might want to go buy yourself something special that can make you feel happy inside, get something for the money you’re spending, maybe go see a Broadway Show or go have a nice quiet dinner somewhere nice or maybe pay for your children’s education because the casino certainly isn’t going to pay for your children’s education or your household bills.

Local politicians have their fundraisers there, recently, Nick Spano had a fundraiser at the Casino.  I wonder did the taxpayer pay for his party or did the casino do it for free?   Where is all the money that is supposed to be going for Yonkers Schools from the profits of this casino, I’ll say it again 75 million in one night!

One customer said,  “You cannot win in this place, forget about it.”  They come from all over to Yonkers Empire Casino, and they all say the same thing you can’t win.   The General Manager Bob is a very nice guy, but that doesn’t change the fact that people are not happy with their visit to this Casino.

This guy Fredrick Zappulla killed his roommate in New York City, and then he cleaned himself up and came to Yonkers to play the slots before getting arrested.  Can Yonkers get any worse?

Empire City Casino in Yonkers is a losers playground it reeks of disappointments and losses.

One thing that I saw there that I though was very sweet was a mentally challenged adult group home, and a mentally challenged man started screaming I won, I won, I win the money, I won, and he did will $300.00 dollars on a .75 cents bet.  I was so happy for him, and it made me feel good inside to see that precious moment.

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29 responses to “EMPIRE CITY CASINO (Yonkers)

  1. none of your business

    just wanted to add to this… i went there yesterday and noticed that you dont have to be in the bathroom to smell urine because the slot seats smell like that too.
    also, i was sitting down with my girl and had my arm around another slot machine chair…. there were plenty of chairs available yet this angry middle aged black female decided to sit on it with out saying excuse me. i told her you could have said sorry or excuse me and i would have moved for you….
    after that the ghetto ignorance was set off and she spoke of slavery down to trying to get us into a physical altercation.
    There seems to be a trend with their clientele type that goes there and disturbances/environment… it seems that the majority of ppl are welfare check recipients/section 8 that go blow their babys daddys money on slots and low income ppl from the ghetto areas from the bronx blowing their 200$ checks thinking theyre gonna someday get Lexus with rimms. STAY AWAY and just go to CT, PA, or NJ where there stupidity is less tolerated.

  2. jay

    Seems like you are very concerned about the black and puerto rican clientele that frequent there. Why is it such a problem when white people do not frequent an establishment? Who cares if white people go there, why is that even issue? The other problems may be legit but this one is bogus and makes you look bitter and stupid.

  3. The bottom line is that nobody wins in this Casino, it doesn’t matter if the people are black, white, PR, Chinese, you just can’t win in this Casino. The machines are like a vacuum they suck up all your money there is no payback, none.

    The bathrooms are absolutely disgusting, the woman piss all over the seats and they don’t flush the toilet, weather they do #1 or #2 they don’t flush, and this is in almost every bathroom stall, it’s disgusting. What kind of women do this, it’s just disgusting! These women are pigs! I wonder if they even wash their hands, they’re dirty pigs!
    I would be ashamed to do something like that, I just can’t believe a woman can be so dirty.

    • stacey

      you are right no one win i have been going thier 9 month actually everyday and i never win my name is stacey its a scam and i am proving it more and more

  4. jay, we have nothing against blacks or puerto rican clientele, we are frequently there and are just reporting what we see and what people report to us. If the place was all whites, we would report that too. We have no problem here, we’re a mixed bag of people here at The Westchester News.Com http://thewestchesternews.com

  5. moonbeam

    i just went there with a friend and she is puerto rican, i am african american. this was my second trip there, and i saw alot of elderly white men and women there, some on canes and walkers. and maybe some folks are on welfare who go there,i dont know, but i do know alot of folks who are on SSI an SOCIAL SECURITY who go there. my self i am on neither, i work everyday and yes i put my hard earned 20.00 in and lost. but upon reading this report,im having second thoughts about going again.the security guards were nice to me and my friend. the two hot dogs i got with my friend voucher that hurt my stomach was a negative. the bathroom was ok, not messy. but the crowds were too much. i also was sitting next to my friend and a lady came to the machine i was sitting at (no i wasnt playing) but there were 3 similar ones next to me, but she wanted the one i was sitting at.whatever. since i never been to atlantic city,im going to try my luck there.

  6. Brendan

    I do not consider myself experienced gambler– this is actually only the second casino I’ve visited since my 18th birthday. Because I am not yet elligable for the Atlantic City/Vegas scene I thought the New York “racinos” would be an enjoyable alternative. Maybe I was spoiled by the relative luxary of Casino De Montreal, but I was dissapointed.

    First of all, to be a real casino they need table games. A world of video gaming systems is hardly a viable alternative to offering actual games of chance. They lure you into believing their vitual gaming systems are slot machines.. when they are essentially computerized scratch off lotto tickets.

    They don’t even give you enough back to tempt you, they’re perfectly content to suck your money in. I figured I would see more people around my age (18-20), but I was among the few I saw. Although the casino was loud, there was an overall sense of dispair. Despite the grandiose lighting, there was little sense of excitement. I attribute that to the lack of winning going on there.

    The experience was further damaged by the sight of elderly people desperately visiting the ATMs to put more money in the slots. Although I didn’t note any smell of urine, the casino wasn’t ueber cleanly.

    Truth be told I felt bad for the jockeys who were out in the cold to a tiny audience despite a relatively full parking lot.

    I will NOT be returning to this casino.

  7. Bronx Kid

    I went to this place today (02/13/10) to check it out because I live nearby. The sight was pretty overwhelming at first. So many machines. I even got lost walking around and kept going in circles. Lol. First I didn’t play, I was just observing. A lot of elderly people, blowing away their pensions. Lol. Some of these old farts were pretty smelly too. The whole place has some odor. The air was very stuffy. Too many people and not enough fresh air. Men’s restrooms were nice and clean though.

    Most people were playing .01 .05 cent machines. Few women were playing two .25 cent machines at once. Desperate for a win I guess. People were pretty serious, like they have some kind of a strategy. Yeah right. These are lottery terminals, those are not true casino machines. They even got stickers on the side (NY Lottery). It’s almost like buying scratching tickets at a grocery store. Mostly I saw people losing all of their credits. Although one lady won like $800 playing $1 machine but she was betting $5 each time. This tempted me. Finally, I decided to play some. I set my losing limit to $100. I played from 0.01 cent to $1 machines. I was winning a bit, losing a bit. Finally, after a few hours, I lost my $100! Lol. I should have stopped playing when I got up to $140.

    One thing I noticed you gotta bet Max and move around to different machines after a small win. Don’t get stuck on one machine. It’ll suck you dry. Also, try to use cash when you move to the next machine instead of using cash receipts. I think they’re tracking your every move and winnings if you use those receipts. (Imagine what info they have on you if you have a membership card to earn so-called “points” and “promotions”). These machines are all wired up to some giant mainframe which makes the decisions who and when a person should win.

    I was walking around to another area to play and saw an old man on a stretcher with a bunch of paramedics around him. I was like, damn! Probably his old heart couldn’t take the loss. I bet this happens all the time at that place.

    This place is a great time killer before a flick or something, but also can be your wallet vacuum cleaner if you’re not careful. Playing and playing, losing, hoping for a big win = YOU LOSE, they win! Before you enter, set your losing limit to whatever amount you don’t mind losing. Just think of it as a donation! Lol. Because the odds at this place are REALLY against you. Extremely low percentage of people get lucky at this place.

  8. Bronx Kid that is an outstanding observation and article.

    The Westchester News.Com

  9. Zhen

    I’m just curious. Last Tuesday, out of curiousity I was at Empire City to hear who is the winner of the Camaro; names were called, but no one ever heard who was winner. Low and behold, a picture posted on the website with the winner!!! Hmmmm. After looking at all the pictures of promotional winners, I made an observation there is no one in the background, no crowd, no one observe playing the machines. It looks like these pictures are taken at 4.30 a.m. in the morning when the casino is closed. I know from previous promotional events/winners – there was always a crowd as everyone excited to know the winner!!! Just a thought.

  10. Yonkers resident

    We went to relax after a long week of work oonly to find the most undesirable people. People who leaned on your chair while you were playing a machine. People Who walked in front of you while you were waiting for your car. Then they could not find our car for an hour and a half never again .we live 3 minutes away from the raceway it was noy fun. We could have driven to mohegan sun in the time we wasted at yokers and thre aren’t any resturant worth going to.iTS A DUMP

  11. my sister is an addict on Slot Machines, she always play any kind of game on the slot machine :.,

  12. Jackie

    Every time I come back to NY from Fla. to visit my kids, I make sure I go to Yonkers Racino. I have gone many times, win most times, but not a large jackpot. I always have a good time, I have never found the bathrooms dirty, I would be the first one to complain if they were. As far as how many black, white, etc. playing at the Racino, I don’t notice because I am there to have a good time, maybe win some $$ etc. The food court has always been good, whether a sandwich, or pizza. By the way, I lived in Vegas for over 15 years, befor moving to Fla., and the only place I ever win anything is @ Yonkers. I know a lot people are anxiously awaiting the opening of Aquaduct Racino, myself included.

  13. Roger

    This report is simply crap. This casino is much better then the crummy Atlantic City. Why don’t you do a story on the casinos in Atlantic City how the casinos in Atlantic City stink. All the casinos in Atlantic City really really suck. the slot machines brake down after a while, the food is crap and it’s junk. Besides Empire City Casino really is 1st class the food and the slots and the restaurants even the racing is top notch. Go to Atlantic City and really get crap.

  14. I’ve review a number of the discussions for your weblog at this moment, and that i appreciate the right path involving blogging. My partner and i saved this to my take note of web page checklist and you will be looking at returning shortly. Please visit our site furthermore and told me your current assumed.

  15. Spencer

    First time i went I broke even, the Second time I went damn near wipe out my bank account so the third time will determine if I will ever go back! For the most part the bathrooms is pretty much clean . frequently I observed custodians cleaning periodically in the bathrooms as well as the machines.

  16. cathy cathy

    Empire City is a depressing place. The people who go there are mostly elderly and people who look like they cannot afford to be there. No one ever wins here. It is the way that the State of New York collects back the welfare and unemployment checks from people who are being very stupid to give it back in the first place. They should buy themselves something with the money they are sure to lose there. Or pay their bills. If you want to get robbed, pleease go to Empire City. The Casino will rob you before you can get robbed in the parking lot.

    • stacey

      yes you are correct i have been playing 9 month and never win they watches you and keep stepping on the game because somrtime it just stop by it self up top

  17. Tammy Llyod


  18. MR.C.

    You think that’s a scam ~ You should see what there doing with this Luck Break Contest ~

    Grace Newman The 2 male judges at Empire City Casino were crude, rude, demeaning, despicable human beings, if they were human at all. The older white haired man acted like a 1st class ass & the other guy just copied him.They weren’t prejudice at all. They treated everyone equally as bad. Too bad they couldn’t comment on the singing & not the personal lives of the contestants. They must have very boring lives if they had to come there to make fun of people. Gee, maybe they should take a look in the mirror & also listen to how moronic they sounded. I can’t talk about this anymore, I’m getting aggravated

    Basil Campi,I wasted Jackie DiMaggio time. Empire City Casino told me they had Professional Judges,Instead they had unqualified Judges who had no singing or song writing experience and where very rude to the singers, they deserve better then that !!! It was a big scam to get people there

    Lori Bueti Don’t put her in anymore competitions. She does not need to be put into an environment where she is going to be pushed around. She’s entirely too good to be exposed to people who don’t love her like we do. She deserves better

    Bobby West Ps you didn’t waste any thing you just experienced what The NY Lottery Association is all about!! One BIG SCAM GREEDY MF’RS!! I hate Empire Casino !!

    Tony Mucci Assholes!..Jackie has an awesome voice…I heard they didn”t treat my friend Mary right who was also on stage last Tuesday..Both girls have dynamic voices..such bullshit!

    Joanne Marffie Toss, What they did Tuesday night to all the contestants was disgusting

    Tony Bicceo, The old man the Rock Crusher was lucky somebody didn’t punch him in the face,that would have been the high light of the show,lol

  19. MR.C.



    Amelia Bonasera Lopopolo thats why i hate that place..

    Joanne Marffie Toss I hope they got me on TV – was sitting right behind them – giving them the finger! I’m sure they’ll edit that out .Somebody yell out the judges suck, hope they keep that in I got a good laugh out of it

    Jimmy Amico NO DOUBT!!! there is no place for that type of treatment – totally uncalled for and unnecessary

    Jimmy Amico Its a good thing I wasn’t present bc no one would have been able to stop me from laying into assholes of that nature, they surely would have received a taste of their own medicine

    Sal Bongiorno They shafted us on the October car show and now they did a number to Jackie. Don’t bother with Yonkers Raceway

    Rye Station Garage Basil, you never have to apologize to anyone…you have a heart of gold, everyone knows this of you, Especially Jackie!!!

    Basil Campi Thanks,don’t like the way the judges were talking to the singers very unprofessional and rude,you been at my shows I would never allow that to go on !!!

    • Angela

      WOW! I cant believe what I just read. Freddy Lando will be on tonight, and no matter what will be said he is still number one to us. All of you talented people that have exposed yourselves to cruel and disrespectful people, rememeber you just shared your talent with many others who did enjoy your singing, those are the people that count. Keep singing, and touching peoples hearts!

    • David Mann I got to say you do an excellent job singing. You keep up the great work Jackie. You are admired

      Tony Vermiglio Jackie sang beautifully at Empire City. their nuts

      • Rye Station Garage AWESOME…..I would like to see the video of the “LOSER” Judges with the big mouths!

        Joann Sabia- Morris I agree with Rye Station Garage.Somebody was paid off.SHES Great

  20. Joanne Marffie Toss now they started “gonging” contestants. We went last night to casino and saw the judges blow air horns to ‘gong’ singers off the stage. The singers were so humiliated; it was awful. Judges made fun of mostly everyone. It was disgusting.

    Jimmy Ruso Somebody should stick that air horn up there ass,nobody should be treated like that,maybe next week me a couple of my friends will stop by and humiliated these asshole judges and put an end to it,

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