Diane Schuler is now a drunk driver and drug addict, sources say



“Please go to the link above and read the story.”

*Jul 28 - 00:05*

Who says the sources have credibility?  Who says Westchester County Officials have credibility?

The Press went from calling Diane Schuler a loving mother, and then straight for the jugular vein, now the headlines read Diane Schuler the drunk and drug addict, it’s disgraceful, Diane Schuler is dead and she can’t defend herself.   The family is grieving in unbelievable sorrow where does the Press draw the line to say enough is enough.

Being part of the “Press” I knew this story was going to turn uglier than it started. When I read the comments on the NY Daily News blog, it made me sick to think that some of you people lack compassion for another human being, and have no respect for yourselves or others, some of these comments I read are written by evil savages who are just out to torment anyone in their path. Shame On You is what I wrote! Remember what happened to Pharaoh when he thought he was all high and mighty.  Remember Diane Schuler is not here to defend herself, and if it is true then documentation should backup what the press is reporting, and then,  she did not act alone, who else was involved in the pow wow at that camp site. Heres another thought…Maybe just maybe, Westchester County is afraid of lawsuits and the toxicology report is tainted! And, another thought… Maybe there’s a lot of questions that need to be answered! Don’t jump to any conclusions just yet or get your hopes up too high because nothing is ever final here in Westchester County, New York, where “Corruption” runs ramped. The family should have obtained an attorney to protect her DNA toxicology from being tainted.  I saw this coming 9 miles away. Vultures eating on dead prey!

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New York Daily News
Read more:http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/2009/08/04/2009-08-04_diane_schuler_mom_who_drove_van_wrong_way_on_the_taconic_killing_8_was_drunk_on_.html










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7 responses to “Diane Schuler is now a drunk driver and drug addict, sources say

  1. pak31

    I personally doubt that if they were going to taint the autopsy that they would have her that drugged up. I know the family wants another test done and let’s hope they get it. The press is just reporting what the coroner concluded, that’s their job. I blame regular people for the evil surrounding this case. I know corruption is everywhere but let’s also not assume every city and police department is evil. If those toxology reports are true, then shame on that mom. If not, let’s find the truth.

  2. Lolly

    Having driven on the Taconic state parkway myself for many yrs since I was a child and having a parent whom worked in Westchester County for 20 + yrs whom told me many times under their breath that Westchester officials are in kahoots and in the habit of covering up things ( for yrs, and many stories I have documented on their behalf for the future, Wait till I tell the story of Mamaroneck in a few yrs. after my Parent death ) to suit themselves. I have to now wonder about the toxicology report as a cover up to the true meaning..hmm could it be to deflect any lawsuit against the authority of that particular stretch of the Taconic. (Ahem, West Chester County) that they not did all they could to prevent a mishap like this ( driving against the traffic??)

  3. Larry King Live a doctor said, Diane Schuler could have had Encephalitis of the brain that caused her to crash on the Taconic State Parkway. Daniel Schuler said his wife is innocent somebody made an error in Westchester County.

  4. BASTARDI ATTORNEY IRVING ANOLIK there is more than meets the squinted eye about this man.

  5. pak31

    Would encephalitis of the brain cause a person to show traces of pot in their system? If this woman was having trouble driving/seeing as we know because she pulled over to actually phone someone, then why and how did she continue on driving?? Maybe more tests should be done on her brain, I don’t know. If these reports are a lie by law enforcement then they would be in huge trouble.

  6. V.E.G.

    Diane Schuler is like the drunk drivers Norman Wesley Bagley and Theodore Robert Eshom that involved the head on collision (with another two people in them) and all four of them died. Forgive Norm and Ted.

  7. john

    Conspiracy theories tend to fall apart when the facts are presented.

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