Diane Schuler, is she really a Drunk and Drug Addict?

*Jul 28 - 00:05*Dan Schuler, Dom Barbara

If, what News 12 Westchester Reported about a Cable Vision Executive Diane Schuler, being a Drunk and a Drug Addict is true, than, I guess what they’re saying is a Cable-Vision Executive is a Drunk and a Pothead!  This proves that the News Director Janine Rose is dictated to by Westchester County Officials.  If, Janine Rose would have investigated the story, she would have known Diane Schuler was one of their own. We do not agree with News 12 Westchester because they don’t really do a complete investigation on a local story. They never search for the truth and give the public truthful answers, and it’s always a one sided story on News 12 Westchester because the News Director Janine Rose is dictated to by Local Westchester County Officials.  This type of reporting raises a few eyebrows within the local news media and community, and the fact is that Westchester County government is known for being corrupt.

However, we must not speculate about what happened on that terrible day on the Taconic Parkway, and we absolutely cannot rely on the Toxicology Report in Westchester County to be true.  We must hear from the people who knew her best because they’re the people who knew Diane Schuler’s true character.

Diane Schuler did not become a drunk and drug addict in one day, the people who personally knew her, know the real truth about whether those Toxicology Reports are true or not, the Long Island community knows the truth and we want to hear from them to see what they think about these Toxicology Reports.  Do they think there is some tampering going on with the Toxicology Reports? Until, we hear from both sides this story is inconclusive.

Westchester County Officials are trying to label Diane Schuler, a drunk and a drug addict, Ironically, this is after she was buried, so they thought,  the family would be too distraught to focus on the truth.  Westchester County thought the family couldn’t possibly exhume the body for further testing.  Well, they thought wrong because, now, Diane Schuler’s family has woken up to realize, what Westchester County is trying to do. This type of dirty tactic is used everyday for labeling innocent people as “Drug Addicts and Drunks” to discredit their good character in courtrooms across America.  This definitely isn’t something new here in Westchester County, NY.

Westchester County is wicked, authorities got the grieving husband Dan Schuler to say his wife smoked pot at one time and occasionally drank, but that doesn’t mean she did it here and now, every question they asked her husband was to discredit his wife’s character, and make her out to be a Drunk and Drug Addict, and so far that is simply not true.

Go to the Westchester Public Library and look up in the old Journal Newspapers 1991, 1992, 1993 the story about the young Greek doctor from New Jersey, he got off the wrong exit off the Bronx River Parkway, he made a turn into Mount Vernon, NY on Oak Street, he was on his way to work at the Westchester Medical Center.  The Mount Vernon Cops shot and killed him in cold blood, they thought he was a drug dealer because they were expecting a drug dealer to turn into that exact spot.  He wasn’t a drug dealer, he was an innocent human being who was lost and turning around to get back on the parkway, but, that’s not what the news reported for the first few days “They called him a drug dealer”  until his family from Greece found out they killed him, he was a respected doctor and the Greek Community from New Jersey protested outside the Mount Vernon Police Department  I remember that day as clear as yesterday, the crowd became silent and a young Greek woman screamed in torment to the Mount Vernon Police Department, there were many cops standing on the top of the stairs with a demeanor as cold as ice, a silence came over the crowd and a desperate scream filled with torment MURDERERS… MURDERERS…

Westchester County has a history of being the most corrupt county in New York State.  This does not surprise me, how all of a sudden they found a bottle of Vodka in Diane Schuler’s car,  that’s the way to discredit the person they’re going to blame, when that costly word is mentioned “Lawsuit” because they can’t sue Westchester County for negligence, who can they sue besides the county, hum, Diane Schuler’s family sounds about right!

Here’s the truth about addicts…Drug Addicts and Drunks don’t go and take a bunch of kids with them for a family fun weekend trip.  Drug Addicts and drunks leave their kids alone for days, and they are completely socially dysfunctional.  This is the truth!

This Toxicology Report does not fit the character of Diane Schuler, it just doesn’t sound consistent with her nature, she was an over protective mother and a former nanny.  Everyone who knows her knows the Toxicology Report was tainted.  There is no “here & now” drug or alcohol abuse, this is a fabrication, said a close source.

This sounds like a coverup!  All of a sudden they found a bottle of Vodka in her car.  I’m not buying it!

Let’s talk about the “Construction Sites” On The Taconic State Parkway! Maybe there was some construction being done on the Taconic Parkway in that exact area, and just maybe the signs were covered up or remove because often Construction Sites remove the signs on the exit ramps, so they could get the big equipment onto the parkway, it happens all the time, and this should be looked into.

Until, all these questions are answered by all news media, then, News 12 Westchester and Fox 5 Network should back off and draw the line on their fabricated dictation.  Fox 5 News Correspondent “Judge Jeanine Pirro” was the most corrupt Westchester County District Attorney of all time, and she is known for putting false charges on innocent civilians for her political gain.  She had the nerve to comment on this case on Fox 5 News calling Diane Schuler a drunk and a Pothead!  This District Attorney/Judge, her tactic is to pollute the minds of the listeners.  Jeanine Pirro is so damn corrupt!

All I could say is be skeptical about what you hear on the news don’t believe everything you hear, use sound judgment about the people they’re reporting about because Westchester County Judicial System uses the News Media to discredit innocent people.

The fact is these families have incomprehensible grief to deal with and they have suffered enough.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Just don’t believe it, and be skeptical about what you hear on News 12 Westchester or Fox 5 News!  Use your brain, draw your own conclusions, DON’T let the news brainwash your mind from using fair judgement about another human being.  Just because News 12 Westchester or Fox 5 News says it’s so, doesn’t make it so.  Did you ever hear this saying “Smoke and Mirrors”  that’s what this Taconic Parkway Crash is, a lot of “Smoke and Mirrors.”

You have the ability to think about a situation and draw your own conclusions about another human beings life, if she has no history of being a drunk or drug addict, think, then, follow the motive how this happened to her because there are plenty of theories, but, find the motive that goes with the theory and you’ll find the truth. Don’t trust Westchester County Officials or the Medical Examiner or the uniform they wear, sometimes a lot of these people can make hasty political heartless decisions, and there is plenty corrupt people who wear those uniforms, the good the bad and the ugly. The News Media has become a huge marketing circus for big business, their like any other corporation out their, money is their god, remember that!

How well did you know Diane Schuler?

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7 responses to “Diane Schuler, is she really a Drunk and Drug Addict?

  1. kelly

    What DRUGS are you on???????


    I don’t care if she was a DRUG addict or Alcoholic-she shouldn’t have been driving. There is no “coverup”… there is no conspiricy against her.

    Accept the FACTS. She was WRONG plain and simple. For you to defend her in any way is disgusting.

  2. While there may be many undisclosed circumstances in this case, she behaved like an addict or alcoholic. I don’t know if she was or wasn’t one. But I know many alcoholics and drug addicts look like her, hold good jobs, and drive family members even when they are stoned. Remember, alcohol and drugs tend to impair judgement. Very sad.

  3. LI Kathy Mom

    I also do not agree with the autopsy report. I think that this is a cover up of poor police work. I don’t believe that someone that drunk and high could drive a straight line on a road for that distance. She would have swerved off, passed out. Think about it.

  4. Larry King Live a doctor said, Diane Schuler could have had Encephalitis of the brain that caused her to crash on the Taconic State Parkway. Daniel Schuler said his wife is innocent, she is not a drunk somebody made an error in Westchester County.

  5. Diane Schuler

    I am innocent, please let me and my children rest in peace. By the way everyone from Westchester County knows how corrupt Jeanine Pirro is, just look at her husband and her company.

  6. brenda

    poor lady poor victims poor people who live in this evil county

  7. marie melle

    I agree there are a lot of confusing facts in this tragedy. I hope her husband Daniel is granted permission to exhume her. I do wonder if she experienced a medical event. It could have begun with severe head pain…the awful, disabling kind that precedes a cerebral event such as an aneurysm or infarct. There are 2 telling events here; her stop at the Sunoco for Advil or Tylenol, (SOMETHING was causing her pain) and the nieces call, that put into action a search by the family and the state police. Also, a dental abscess can and DOES cause many health issues, more than people realize, including cerebral infarcts and encephalitis.
    However, as the daughter of an absolutely lovely, classy, competent and perfectionist alcoholic, mother who kept her drinking hidden for years, and a health care professional whose worked for 25 years in the field of addictions, I strongly disagree with the statement: “Here’s the truth about addicts…Drug Addicts and Drunks don’t go and take a bunch of kids with them for a family fun weekend trip. Drug Addicts and drunks leave their kids alone for days, and they are completely socially dysfunctional. This is the truth!”
    You could not possibly be more wrong.

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