Diane Schuler Taconic Parkway Crash

The Westchester News 914 237-8631 http://thewestchesternews.com Long Island Press Conference is about telling the truth about Diane Schuler, a Cable-Vision Executive, she is not a drunk or pothead. Attorney Dominic Barbara represents “The Schuler Family” this is part one in the Long Island Press Conference. Westchester County has a history of corruption, this is a cover-up and now officials are trying to take Dan Schuler’s son away from him. Westchester County Government and the New York Press is a disgrace for what they’re putting this man Dan Schuler through after losing his wife, daughter and nieces. This is about how corrupt Westchester County Government is, just how far will they go to cover-up the truth about what really happened, so they could place the blame on Diane Schuler and push all LAWSUITS on Dan Schuler.  They’re trying to take his son away from him.  It’s a damn disgrace!

The other half is “Press Conference Dan Schuler Part Two”


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  1. Larry King Live a doctor said, Diane Schuler could have had Encephalitis of the brain that caused her to crash on the Taconic State Parkway. Daniel Schuler said his wife is innocent, she is not a drunk somebody made an error in Westchester County.

    BASTARDI ATTORNEY IRVING ANOLIK there is more than meets the squinted eye about this man.

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