New York State Police Meet With Dan Schuler

New York State PoliceTaconic Parkway CrashDan Schuler, Dom Barbara

New York State Police Spokesman, Capt. Arthur J. Boyko, said investigators met with Mr. Schuler and his Attorney Dominic Barbara  and investigator , Tom Ruskin, after the meeting investigators are pursuing the few remaining leads in this case, that’s all that was said.

They are retracing Mrs. Schuler’s route from Hunter Lake Campground in Sullivan County by using her credit card trail and cellphone records and they’re interviewing witnesses.

Sunoco Convenience Store in Liberty, New York, gave a copy of the surveillance video to the investigator, Tom Ruskin, that shows Diane Schuler pumping gas, then searching the store aisles before asking the clerk for pain relievers.  The video shows that Diane Schuler was not drunk or high on drugs, it proves it.  The Sunoco district manager Paul Stock said, “The video that we have copied for the investigators shows Diane Schuler has her state of mind.  She did not stagger.  She did not sway.”   She left the convenience store about 11 a.m.

Tom Ruskin said, The meeting lasted less than an hour, we discussed the contents of the video and the timeline that we are both crucially trying to fill in with a 48-minute gap from when Mrs. Schuler spoke to her brother , Warren Hance, until about 12:58p.m. when she was crossing the Tappen Zee Bridge sounding Confused and Disoriented. There is some catastrophic event that is affecting her ability to speak, to see, her ability to know where she is and to make rational judgements.  Diane Schuler’s family knows she does not drink and would never smoke marijuana in a car with kids.”

The Superintendent Harry J. Corbitt, of the New York State Police said, “Our main objective was to conduct a full investigation to determine why the accident occurred, and  based on the toxicology report at this point, we have pretty much finished this investigation, but, we have not closed the book on reconstructing the accident, also more details may emerge if there is civil litigation.”  New York State Police will be meeting with the Westchester County District Attorney Janet Difiore on Tuesday to discuss the findings.

Diane Schuler is definitely not a drunk, her brother Warren Hance said, and that thought never crossed his mind that his sister was a drunk, the initial thought was that she had a medical condition that’s why he called his friend Michael Balboni, a former deputy secretary for public safety for New York State, he retired this year. Mr. Balboni became involved in contacting the State Troopers, after Warren Hance lost contact with his sister Diane, and drove around to Tarrytown, NY, searching for his sister in a Diner and even calling for an Amber alert because he was concerned about his sister’s well-being and the children’s well-being, after he spoke to his sister and she said her vision was narrowing.  Warren Hance thought this might be something like a diabetic condition or maybe she might have had a stroke, but, never ever was there a thought that Diane was drunk.  Diane doesn’t drink.

When the Schuler family left the campground witnesses said and a surveillance camera showed everybody was normal in Parksville, New York around 9:30 a.m. and more surveillance video in McDonald’s at 10:45 a.m. still showed Diane Schuler acting normal.

“Maybe the New York State Police should be investigating the medical examiner for falsifying Diane Schuler’s toxicology report, said a close source that works for Westchester County Government.  It makes sense that some foul play has taken place, it should be investigated.”

Here’s a fact!  The camera Lens does not lie.  Diane Schuler was not drunk, she was physically sick.

She probably got off on the wrong exit,  got lost for a while driving around and then got back on the parkway, not feeling well, got extremely confused, stressed, and overwhelmed with anxiety, it happens to the best of us on a bad day, unfortunately for Diane Schuler that day ended tragically.

I’d like to hear what the Medical Examiner has to say about their toxicology report because Diane Schuler’s character does not fit being a drunk as they claimed.  Somebody is lying about this case, the videos the investigators obtained are not consistent with the Medical Examiners findings.

The Westchester News.Com


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One response to “New York State Police Meet With Dan Schuler

  1. john

    “video shows that Diane Schuler was not drunk or high on drugs, it proves it” Video does not prove anything. especially since it was 4 hours before the crash.

    “Somebody is lying about this case, the videos the investigators obtained are not consistent with the Medical Examiners findings.”

    you finally got something fucking right. HER HUSBAND IS LYING.

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