Congratulations To The DiSalvatore Family


Congratulations to Silvio and his family they did it, they won $100,000.00 plus on Route 66 Road Show, the kids pulled the family together and saved the day for their parents Silvio and Amy.

$100,000.00 is nothing to shake a stick at when the bills were piling up for this Yonkers family, Silvio, a Filmmaker fell on hard-times trying everything that he good to keep things together, nothing was working until he landed this gig on NBC.


Now Silvio can go by a new pair of pants.

The DiSalvatore’s won $100,000.00, a free vacation to Universal Studios all paid for (4), Free Airfare anywhere free they want to go, and free gas for their car for one year.  Not bad huh?  It’s about time something good happened for Silvio a struggling Filmmaker.  Maybe his luck is changing for the better.  This Reality Show has changed the DiSalvatore’s lives from gloom and doom to bloom and zoom into the fast lanes of success.  Those boys are a chip off the old block, they’re a couple of winners.  Maybe we should all start listening to our kids, apparently the kids know how to win 100,000.00.  Can I borrow those boys for a couple of weeks?


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