SAM ZHERKA’S noxious involvement in the D’A.’s race


bennett gershman

Mr. Bennett Gershman is the Law Professor at Pace University,

he wrote an article today in Lohud The Journal News Blog,

Re: Sam Zherka’s noxious involvement in the D’A.’s race

Here is my response:

Janet Difioredan_2Reginald LaFayette

Dear Mr. Gershman,

I just read your article about Sam Zherka and Janet Difiore, it amazes me how passionate you sound in this article with your comments about Sam Zherka, and then, how you are defending Janet Difiore is somewhat outrageous.

Where were you since 1991 when Janet Difiore was in Mount Vernon, back in the day with Reginald “Reggie” LaFayette and the corrupt, Mount Vernon Police Department. The Police, the District Attorney, Judges, Lawyers etc. all were involved with putting false charges on me, and Janet Difiore was working hand in hand with all of them back then and as you know she
still is working with them today. Where were you then? You don’t know these people, they’re as wicked as they come.

Janet DifioreMVPD

I’ve watched you on the news for years, and I’ve listened to you, but I always knew more about these people than you did because I knew them personally.

Sammy Zherka has made a difference in Westchester County Politics, he has stood up and exposed the corruption. Do you know why he can do this? He knows these people personally. Janet Difiore, Andy Spano etc. these people socialized with Sammy Zherka for years. I bet you didn’t know that, did you?

Janet Difiore has plenty of Skeletons in her closet, and she’s just as corrupt as Pirro was,  she’s no better, she just sold Pirro out, so she could become the next District Attorney.

News 12 Westchester is as corrupt as they come they coverup the truth and their dictated to by corrupt politicians, and so is LOHUD The Journal News, FOX 5, CBS.  Jeanine Pirro dictated to them for years.

Why don’t you say the truth, Westchester County Politics and the News Media is corrupt!

What do you think about Janine Rose on News 12 Westchester, is she a sweet girl too?

Be for real Mr. Gershman, you’re a compassionate puppet on a string, shame on you.

Let’s sit down and talk about the truth, on camera, you and me, I promise you, that, you will never be the same man again because the truth is a powerful weapon.

First, let’s talk about Mount Vernon, NY that little evil corrupt city with the dark cloud over it,  it has a lot of dirty secrets, where Janet Difiore started her political career, doesn’t it?

Then, we’ll talk about here and now and what lead up to you writing this article and what lead to me becoming the Publisher of one of the most powerful online news media’s in Westchester County.

Remember a Leopard doesn’t change his spots. I’m interested in how they could,  and how you can explain that to me?

Janet Difioredan

Jeanine Pirro, Janet Difiore, and Dan Schorr, all of them came from the same broken dirty rotten mold,that’s right, Mr. Carl Vergari, they all have that wicked mentality and the ability to ruin innocent people’s lives without remorse.

Mrs. Congenility of New York State

I don’t have a Law Degree,  I have something so much more substantial, I have experience.  The Democrat Tony Castro has a clean record and he’s the best man for the job.   Westchester County is changing for the better.

Barbara Ricci, Publisher of The Westchester News






The Westchester News

914 237-8631 Newsroom


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