Westchester County District Attorney 2009


By Barbara Ricci

PAGEANT 1034Westchester County District Attorney

We don’t need opportunists running the Westchester District Attorney’s Office, who were part of the “Wolves Club” in Westchester County! This is the Jeanine Pirro’s regime, these are wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing, fooling voters,  by pretending to be righteous, especially Chuck Rubenstein who came out of the corrupt DA Pirro’s Office, and the Mount Vernon Police Department polluted and molded our courtrooms.

Yonkers Police Officer Wayne SimoesIrma MarquezJanet Difiore New York State Police

Chuck Rubenstein, is responsible for prosecuting innocent people for political favors, and for covering up police brutality and false arrests in the city of Mount Vernon, and this is an Obstruction of Justice, and he should be brought to Justice, and held accountable for destroying innocent lives, but he won’t be because the law protects him with probable cause.  Instead, he will continue being a DA, and everyone of them who breaks the law for a political favor goes on their merry way, as though, they have squeaky clean lives and records.  This is politics at its worst because there are innocent lives being destroyed, as did the Pirro days in the District Attorney’s Office, working together like a vicious pack of wolves.

He calls himself an Assistant District Attorney Charles Rubenstein, but I remember him back in 1991, when he called himself Mount Vernon District Attorney Chuck Rubenstein, and he put false charges on me because I observed the Mount Vernon Police on the take at a new gas station, they sent four thugs into a gas station in a brown station wagon to rough up the owners of that gas station, they just had their grand opening.

Why did they do this? Well because, the owners didn’t go along with the plan to fix some cops personal cars for free, therefore, if you want protection you’ll have to pay for it,  the Mount Vernon Police we’re on the take, and I was there when they sent the thugs into the gas station to rough up the owners, and there was a rookie female cop, watching everything from across the street.

Mrs. Congenility of New York State

I know how corrupt these people are, and it has taken me 18 years to know just how corrupt Westchester County is, and it has made me realize, the only freedom we have as civilians is THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH.   That is why I am the Publisher of THE WESTCHESTER NEWS.  You can read the rest of my story in my book when it comes out, BEHIND THE SECRET DOOR, and I promise you, in my book, I leave no stone unturned.

Westchester County District Attorney Charles “Chuck” Rubenstein, is the Chief of the Yorktown Heights Branch office along with the DA Jeanine Pirro the “Real Adolph Hitler ” Him and Her would prosecute an old lady with a walker, if, it had to do with a political favor.

Justice is “Who do you know for a political favor, and it’s the “Rule” in Westchester County courtrooms.

Their tactic, is to destroy the character of the witness, so they could get away with putting false charges on innocent people, to cover up the truth, and then, they are oh so prepared, behind every government door, the corruption reaches, every door, every door you knock on, knock, and it will be locked, every door is politically controlled on the inside, and by the media, News 12 Westchester, The Journal News, Fox 5 News, NBC, CBS, Internal Affairs, Westchester FBI, United States Attorney, Defense Attorneys, The Governor, the Justice Department, the Attorney General, the sweetest Elected Officials, Senators, Mayors, and the list goes on and on, until the victim realizes that the only law that exists in New York State, is,  “The Who Do You Know Law?”  It took me 18 years to understand that this is the LAW, and we the civilians must abide by it.



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