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(Corrupt Court Crimes & Foreclosures Only)

We The People, under the 1st Amendment of the Bill of Rights under the U.S. Constitution have the authority to Redress Our Grievances with the U.S. Government.  Due to the organized crime in courts by judicial personnel and agencies,  justice has been greatly compromised with heinous abusive crimes to steal property and children.  A resolve to satisfy our Grievances in U.S. Courts is compromised and only continues the harm, victimization, traumatization that needlessly occurred.  This victimization is slavery under the 13th Amendment, as parties have been imprisoned in courts for years having committed NO crimes. Crimes are being committed by Judicial personnel and agencies. No authority, no accountability, no procedures and no protections exist to protect individuals and families.  U.S. Courts are charades of corruption filled with predatory thieves and abuse. The U.S. Government must pay for the harm it has allowed by non-operative U.S. agencies, Departments of Justices, Bar Associations, and other agencies.  All members of the U.S. Judiciary and Congress  have allowed these heinous tyrannical crimes and harm to impoverish Americans.

The Federal Reserve, Banks, and other institutions set-up the poor lending practices to hype and over inflate home values.  This bogus charade was  to impoverish Americans with leveraged monetized debt to collapse the banks with  worthless paper in phony debt and derivative scams.  Goldman Sachs a major player whom created derivatives in and around 1990, now left at the helm running the U.S. Government with the Fed, while numerous businesses and lives were destroyed by their abuse of power.  Private corporations with NO allegiance to Americans.  Numerous parties deserve indictments. This scheme was constructed to impoverish Americans and a land grab in foreclosures full of fraud.  Due to selling of mortgages, banks are only service providers. Banks at times would  not take payments to force foreclosures. The Banks and other corporations have been bailed out tremendously in some massive money laundering schemes, especially AIG.  Banks cannot produce the original notes, NO Contracts exist and NO Contracts exist with Debt Collectors, full of fraud to steal once again.  The U.S. Government should halt all foreclosures. U.S. Courts are further crime operatives in these situations.  Lack of authority and integrity by Congress to protect Americans exists.  The U.S. Government has plenty of restituting to do, as numerous frauds exist in this country.

The Treason perpetrated by the U.S. Government to Americans must be resolved, as this situation is no different than what Our Founding Fathers encountered. History has repeated itself in a different crime venue with a foreign power operating against the U.S. Constitution.  The Judicial segment of the U.S. Government needs an overhaul, as Congress has continually refused to investigate.  Many political and judicial parties need to be fined, ousted and indicted from their positions.  Violating laws, Americans Rights, government shams to impoverish We The People are Treason!.

No foreign power should be operating in the United States.

The Preamble of the United States Constitution states:

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, ensure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves  and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

This preamble is violated by the U.S. Government having created and perpetrated intentional harm to WE THE PEOPLE!  Please remember you are elected officials for the people, a foreign power in government is TREASON. The Preamble does not grant any particular authority to the federal government and it DOES NOT  provide specific limitations on government action.  Restitution is now mandatory U.S. Government action for WE THE PEOPLE!

President Obama and Attorney General Holder, you chose to be elected at this time of great turmoil in the United States, it is time to RESTITUTE  – WE THE PEOPLE!  Please make all efforts if a new monetary system will be implemented to provide relief presently and settlements based on new systems and structures immediately.

Please take Authority to get cases out of the courts by Mandatory Settlements with fair outside review. In addition, restitution should be made for rights violations, enslavement and torturous corrupted court conditions. A yearly settlement figure should be made for each year parties were enslaved unlawfully in a corrupted court. One party or family member(s) bares the brunt of the harm perpetrated in cases by the Adversarial Process, which must be banned.

Bringing Tranquility, Peace, Freedom and Justice to the People and the United States is the Best Plan of Action. Please complete the Claim Form on the next two pages and submit your Restitution request to the U.S. Government.

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Email your claim to U.S. Marshall Thomas Shell at HYPERLINK “mailto:thomas.shell@usdoj.gov”thomas.shell@usdoj.gov

Email to monitor your claim with the U.S. Government at HYPERLINK “mailto:restitutewethepeople@yahoo.com”restitutewethepeople@yahoo.com

Thank you,

Cheryl Kennedy

Private Attorney General  – 8/27/09


Address: City:                                  State:                 Zip Code:

Phone # : Email:


Case#(s) and Type of case(s):



Are you Pro Per/Pro Se  (self-represented) – yes or no?                       Did you have an attorney in the past?

Did you make complaints to judicial agencies or politicians, please name them?

Do you need immediate assistance for Crimes, CPS issues, or Child Crimes occurring presently?

Do you need an immediate relief payment. How much do you request and why?

Are you getting any assistance by any U.S. agency, please explain?

Please name judicial parties who appear crooked in your cases or judicial parties that cannot do their job(s)?

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How have you been harmed, please be brief and concise?

Are children stolen, kidnapped or do child custody/support issues or parental alienation problems exist in this matter?  Please explain:

Did any judicial personnel or party create false allegations or a domestic violence situation in your matter for you or your children? Please explain:

Were domestic violence complaints ever a matter prior to your life before in a court?

Do you need any protection at this time not presently adhered to by the courts?

Name any of your rights  violated such as Constitutional, Civil, Human, Property, Children & Families, & Victims?

Were Community Property Laws Violated?

How long have you been held captive in the court system in approx. years?

Have you sustained any physical injuries, sickness and/or were businesses or employment harmed?

Please estimate your damages to property?

If fraud is in your matter you are entitled to punitive damages, please answer yes or no?


FORECLOSURE CLAIMS: Please list all pertinent information such as courts, cases #s,  judges, attorneys and other related details in the above section?

Original Lender?

Lender/bank when your property went to Foreclosure?

Did the bank NOT accept your mortgage payments?

Address of property(s) lost to Foreclosure?

Please estimate your total loss including upheaval from your home, money paid to lenders, loss of deposits, equity, etc.?

Please sign by typing your name to this claim and submit to the email addresses listed on page 2. You make this claim to the U.S. Government to the best of your knowledge, perceptions, and facts. This matter may be reviewed to verify its accuracy by the U.S. Government if warranted,  as court records are documentation open to review.

Date:                                                                           Typed Name:

* Use any additional pages to explain specific  issues     3 of  3


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