Bastardi Daughters Have No Compassion For The Living

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Margaret Nicotina and Roseanne Guzzo, are the daughters of Michael Bastardi who was killed in the Taconic Parkway Crash on July 26, 2009.  A Close Source said,  these women have no compassion, all they’re interested in is a Civil Lawsuit against Daniel Schuler and his little boy.  They’re heartless human beings, it’s about money for them that’s their revenge for the loss of their father and brother.

Then a woman named Maria said, what if their father or brother had wine in church on an empty stomach when they received the Body Of Christ that Sunday.  What if it was their time to go?  What if this is there test on earth to see how much compassion and forgiveness they have in there hearts, not much.  And, a man named Vinny said,  how many people lose their family members to tragedy, they don’t get all this news coverage and attention, they don’t get all these high profiles lawyers on TV, it’s ridiculous how these people are carrying on like there the only people in the world whoever lost loved ones in a crash.

The Bastardi Daughters are acting like there a couple of Mother Theresa’s, like they don’t drink, people like to throw stones who live in glass houses, everybody has a drink every now and then.  Italians drink wine all the time, Irish drink Beer, Attorney’s drink good Scotch, what’s the difference, a drink is a drink.

These Bastardi women are out for revenge, and people are talking about how greedy, cold and callous they are toward Daniel Schuler and his little boy Bryan, and the Hance Family.  Their behavior is disgraceful to us Italians, they act like their money hungry, and money is they’re only priority, well, it’s not gonna bring their father or brother back.

These Bastardi’s sound like heartless people, Daniel Schuler is mourning terribly bad, he’s like a wounded dog, and the Bastardi’s are kicking him to the curb without remorse.  They are doing everything in their power to take anything Daniel Schuler has, and all he has left is his little son Bryan.

It’s wicked what these people are doing with their Attorney Irving Anolik, their longtime family friend, he sounds like a very greedy attorney.  Daniel Schuler, is mourning so badly, and the Bastardi’s have no mercy for him.    They keep calling Diane Schuler a drunk and a drug Addict when clearly the investigators have Diane Schuler on video right before the crash and she’s not drunk or high on drugs.

Diane Schuler was not a drunk. She was not drunk, and it’s most likely she had gotten Encephalitis of the brain, which, causes confusion, and it hits one side of the face, the eye, slurred speech, its like a stroke. It causes permanent damage like a stroke.

On Larry King Live a doctor said, Diane Schuler could have had Encephalitis of the brain that caused her to crash on the Taconic State Parkway.

BASTARDI ATTORNEY IRVING ANOLIK there is more than meets the squinted eye about this greedy lawyer.

Margaret Nicotina and Roseanne Guzzo Daughters Of Michael Bastardi, should really start accepting that Diane Schuler was not a drunk that caused the deadly crash, she became physically ill and then her illness caused the deadly crash.

Daniel Schuler said, my wife is innocent, and the truth will come out.

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6 responses to “Bastardi Daughters Have No Compassion For The Living

  1. Dee

    It annoys me that Irving Anolik is playing this thing a bit to the extreme.

    In regards to a possible meeting between the Hances and the Bastardis he stated “I said I was not at all in favor of it because of the fact that his (Warren Hance’s) car was the car in which the killings occurred ,” Anolik said. “We don’t want it to appear like everything is great between my clients and the Hances.”

    So what is the next step? A lawsuit against Warren Hance because his car was the one Diane Schuler was driving? This is disgusting.

    The choice of a money hungry attorney and the morning show visits definitely portrays the Bastardi women more than just a mourning family. Are these ladies thinking at all of little Bryan Schuler as they drag his parents through the mud on National TV? No. To me they just want to know the right person to sue.

  2. john

    All you are doing here is parroting the new-speak of the Shuler lawyer and ignoring the facts in this case.

  3. I think if you pull your hand away from covering your eyes, you will be able to see clearly. Try it!

    The facts are this… you cannot believe a government so polluted by corruption lies and deceit, that covers up the facts in so many minuet details.

    A man like Dan Schuler has nothing left except his little boy, he’s a man with grief beyond our knowledge, a man in mourning beyond comprehension, a man so numb from a situation that is so surreal, he can’t Feel his heart or possibly know his soul.

    What State of mind is this world in, when we are not afraid to attack a broken man.

    He who is without sin cast the first stone…

    • Jason

      “Whosoever committeth sin is the servant of sin”
      John 8:32

      Your passage comes from John 8:7

      Perhaps you should finish the chapter first, before you cast stones.

  4. Yes Jason, I have read the Holy Bible and those that eat and drink with evil doers and deceivers are what is referred to sheep’s in wolves clothing. I Read That passage too. Do you have the gift of knowing what the parables mean or the conviction in your heart to tell the truth? Maybe you should pray for it and God will give you understanding Jason. What church is the dead church in the Holy Bible? Let’s see how well you understand.

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