Politicial Corruption

Political Endorsements in Westchester County are under the table deals, they’re about greasing the palm of the Union Leaders for their endorsements.  That’s why Political Corruption is so wide spread, it’s about money.

Westchester County Residents are fed up with the corruption in Westchester County, New York.  These union leaders are creeps they do more for these corrupt politicians and they’re so involved in getting elected officials into office than they are in securing jobs for the working class.   These union leaders are sell outs  and they have been for years.  This is not about the union men, women and family and securing jobs because union families can’t even put food on the table.  This is about union corruption when they endorse these corrupt politicians in Westchester County, New York.  This is about ego and power.  This isn’t about us the working class and I’m not voting for any of these clowns the union endorses, a union worker said.  I pay my dues and I do a good job, and I still don’t have steady work, I know plenty of men who are bouncing around without a steady job, and these guys have been in the union for over 30 years.  Westchester County Unions and politicians, they’re all corrupt.  Andy Spano and Janet Difiore are not getting my vote, what have they done for the working class?  I’m union but union leaders are corrupt, I don’t listen to anything they do or say.

Its time to take our government back from these corrupt politicians.


When politicians get all these endorsements from union leaders and organizations this is political corruption.

Janet Difiore says she promotes public safety.  Do you feel safe in Westchester County?  Do you feel Janet Difiore protects your community against crime and killings.  Has the Police Corruption stopped in your area?

Andy Spano, is usless, he does and knows nothing more than corruption.

Make it your business to get out and vote on election day.

The Westchester News

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