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The City Of Yonkers is taking advantage of the Working Class, Food Vendors, Home Owners and Contractors, Small Businesses and more.  They send their inspectors out to bully small businesses and they charge incomprehensible Permit fee’s and Licensing fee’s making it almost impossible to do business in Yonkers.

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The red tape they have wrapped around City Hall breeds corruption.  They act like a bunch of bullies in a school yard, and they have got this investigation ball rolling, but  they can’t make it stop.  The Westchester News.Com has received numerous complaints about the City of Yonkers building department bullying a widower senior citizen because the wall on the side of her house collapsed after a storm, and the wall belonged to the City of Yonkers, so when she called them the City Engineer and Building Inspectors came and began fining her thousands of dollars for violations.  That’s just one of many stories.  Than, the Westchester County Licensed Contractor can’t work in Yonkers unless he gets a Contractor License for Yonkers.


The License Contractor can work anywhere in Westchester except for Yonkers Home Owners.  The Yonkers Building Department is out of touch with working class homeowners and businesses.

The Westchester News

914 237-8631 Newsroom


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