Westchester County Board Of Elections

Stop Voter Fraudboard of electionsRepublican Chairman

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Think of The Westchester News as a huge empire being built on a solid foundation with iron, steel, truth and honor,  think about this.

Rewards For Reporting Fraud



This is an obstruction Of Justice against our American civil rights.

United States Correspondence And Records Department

Westchester County Board Commissioners: Doug Colety, Republican; Reginald A. LaFayette, Democrat.

The Westchester County Board Of Elections cannot be trusted. The Civil Rights of Westchester County and Yonkers Residents are being violated by Political Fraud.  The United States Justice Department really should take care of this voter fraud.

Why don’t citizens show their Picture ID or drivers license when they go vote?  Voter Idenity Fraud runs ramped on election day in Westchester County.

Westchester Board of Elections


People are fed up with the corruption, the taxpayers are sick of these Politicians, staying in office year after year, how do these corrupt politicians win?  The fix is in at Westchester Board Of Elections in White Plains, New York.  It’s the same old corruption that has been going on for years since back in the days of Jeanine Pirro, it’s the machine that’s what they call it, said a close source.  It’s the machine!

The Westchester News

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