FOX NETWORK TV Anchor Curses On The Air

Fox 5 News Anchor Ernie Anastos said the F-Word on the air, “keep phucking that chicken”  he said it to the weatherman Nick Gregory just kidding around.

The Vice President and General Manager of WNYW, Lew Leone said he’s disappointed in Ernie for making that comment on the air.

TV Anchor Flub

On Thursday Ernie apologized to anyone who may have been offended by his remark.   That’s okay Ernie you said it with a PH!  It was entertaining.

The Westchester News

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2 responses to “FOX NETWORK TV Anchor Curses On The Air

  1. I can deal with the occasional slip like with Ernie or with Sue Simmons a few years ago.

  2. arick

    SSHH. don’t tell anyone KYW TV in Philly is a MESS…KYW is a fu***** mess.

    As anyone who knows knows–Susan Schiller, Peter Dunn, Michael Colelran, Mike Archer, Cesar Aldama, Leslie Moonves needs to CLEAN HOUSE AND FIRE their fu***** asses. For god-s sakes, they’re all idiots, Alycia LAne, LArry, and the mumbo jumbo management that misses stories elft and right and tape recordds Channel 6 shows every single day at the behest of News Director Susan Schiller since she don’t know how to run a damn news room. The woman was late sending camera crews to the McGReevey scandal when it broke because–get this–she didn’t know it even happened until channel 2 in NYC called her and tipped her off and til Schiller saw the report on Channel 6. FU–ng Fools. God Bless CBS Idiots.

    31 people either got fired or resigned from KYW TV in a one year span. Beverly Williams fired with only ONE year left on her court ordered 3 year Public Service Show. CBS bought her out. CBS under peter dunn bought out EJ HENDLEY the black female reporter. CBS ousted Esther Piere Black female reporter. CBS kyw TV ousted black reporter Karenm Adams after one year. KYW TV ousts Black anchor Denise Saunders. KYW demotes Susan Barnett female anchor to reporter after one year. KYW harasses and gets rid of Female (at the time pregnant reporter) Karen Scullin. KYW TV ousts Hispanic assignment desk chic Theresa Archenault. KYW TV ousts half HIspanic Anchor Alycia Lane. KYW tv reportedly ousts only Asian reporter Ji young Min. KYW Susan Schiller keeps Old Reporter Dick Standish off air for 3 years for which he contacts an attorney at Alycia Lane’s firm. Susan Schiller at KYW ousts GAY writer Darryl Dupont. KYW TV ousts Black photographer Chris MOnroe after one year. KYW TV ousts GAY creative Services Director Larry Solitrin forced to retire on permanent disability as Peter DUnn gave him a hard time leaving Solitrin Harrassing messages on his home phone. KYW TV ousts Anchor Marc Howard because he has trouble reading teleprompter BUT KYW TV doesn’t want the viewers to know their real reasons

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