Janet Difiore Gets Endorsements and Westchester Continues To Deteriorate

janet difiore Endorsed by corruption

Janet Difiore Gets Endorsements as Westchester County Continues To Deteriorate, City After City,  Murder After Murder, until it hits home.   Save A Life, Get Janet Difiore Out Of Office!

When Janet Difiore gets endorsements they come with false promises, it’s smoke and mirrors when she tells you the streets are safe with all her lies,  city after city deteriorating, she disregards the cries and another child dies.

Stop Gang Violence Now!

tony castro

Vote Tony Castro For Westchester County District Attorney.

Tony Castro is qualified to stop the gang violence and senseless killings on the streets.

Janet Difiore is not qualified to stop gang violence, and our streets are worse now than ever before.

Tony Castro has a past in the Bronx DA’s Office, he has

the experience to make our streets safe again.

I feel safer walking on the streets in the Bronx than I do in Westchester County, said a Bronx businessman.

The Westchester News

914 237-8631 Newsroom



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