Sam ZherkaDr. CavalloDoug ColetyKen JenkinsNick SpanoGail Burns

Who Knew?  Such a nice guy, a lifelong Democrat could get appointed to become a Judge by the Republican Party, hum.   Voters have no say in Political Races anymore, it’s all about the Political Party Heads making back-room deals, Sam Zherka, Doug Colety, DrCavallo, Ken Jenkins, Gail Burns, Nick Spano, Andy Spano, Tony Castro and Dan Schorr they seem to be a powerful Team together. It’s about Money, Control and Power.

Ken JenkinsNita Lowey

Ken Jenkins the Chairman of the Westchester Democratic Party, and Congresswoman Nita Lowey got the same deal as Tony Castro, they’ve all been appointed to their re-elected seats as Westchester County Politicians.  The average voter doesn’t have a clue what’s going on in Westchester County.  Therefore, the average voter has become obsolete, these politicians don’t need our votes anymore all they need is to start an organization and call themselves Republican, GOP, Democratic, Independent, Conservative, Working Family, etc.

Sam Zherka, David Spano

Guess what? This is how they exclude the voters and begin making back-room deals to nominate themselves into the best jobs in the county with high paying salaries and in the end it’s the taxpayers flipping the bill and carrying the burden.

tony castro

Tony Castro is a good man and I am happy he got appointed to a judgeship, but now that leaves us with two choices for Westchester County District Attorney.

Janet Difiore

We either vote for the Democrat Janet Difiore or the Republican Dan Schorr for Westchester County District Attorney.  Between the two, I would vote for Janet Difiore because at least we know what we have with Janet.  She made a couple of mistakes, yes, she’s not perfect, but tell me who is perfect, none of us.  She admitted her mistakes publicly on the News 12 Westchester debate against Tony Castro, and I’m sure she has learned from them, as my father always said, Every Knock is a boost.  Hopefully, Janet Difiore will have the opportunity to work harder and better for the people of Westchester County after Election Day.

Dan Schorr

On the other hand, Dan Schorr doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing as a district attorney, he seems a little twisted when it comes to the issues on Law Endorsement, therefore, it’s a concern that he could become worse than that Hitler Jeanine Pirro who prosecuted innocent residents with hearsay and not one piece of evidence against them, and she put innocent people and their families through hell.

Judge Jeanine pirro

Dan Schorr openly admitted he respected Jeanine Pirro and he learned everything he knows about being a District Attorney from the corrupt DA.  Dan Schorr’s statements are troublesome to think about.

Janet Difore is certainly not as bad as Jeanine Pirro was, Although, they did work together, Janet is a much better district attorney, but, if Janet put more focus on cracking down on gang violence and these senseless killings on the streets, then, she could say she is putting the publics safety first.  I think Janet Difiore could end up being the best Westchester County District Attorney we have ever seen, if she cleans up the streets.

Who would have thought “Judge Tony Castro?”  The funny thing is, I know he’ll be a good Judge, and he would have been a good District Attorney too.  The man is a wonderful person.

Sam Zherka is more than a strip club owner, he’s a father of eight children, a husband and businessman, and now he is the Vice Chairman Of the Independent Party.   Westchester County Politics is coming full circle.










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