We supported Andrew Cuomo when he ran against Jeanine Pirro for New York State Attorney General, and he won on Election Day, unfortunately, he now lives in the political fast lanes with the corrupt company he keeps, he’s not as squeaky clean as some of us have thought in the past about him.   Nick Spano and Andy Spano sit on the Board of CableVision, so Andrew hooked up with Nick Spano and he’s getting a lot of press on News 12 Westchester, it’s just business as usual in Westchester County, that’s all folks.  Andrew has gotten himself caught in the web of the Jeanine Machine, too bad because he was such a nice Italian boy.  Andrew is flooding the internet with his name on all these lawsuits, where it’s gonna take him only God knows, but one thing is for sure he’s caught in the web.  We started this Westchester Online News helping Andrew get into office by exposing the corruption in Westchester County, we helped in getting Jeanine Pirro and her side kick Nick Spano out of office, only to find out Andrew Cuomo has a new assistant Nick Spano.

janet difioreWestchester County District Attorneydan schorr

When we look at the two candidates for Westchester County District Attorney, it’s clear to see we must make a choice between two evils.  Janet Difiore doesn’t get it, how unsafe the streets are for residents in Greenburgh, Mount Vernon and Yonkers with all these senseless killings and  gang violence on the streets of Westchester County, there is no public safety on these streets in broad daylight teenagers are being killed.  These issues should be Difiore’s focus for the next four years when she gets the opportunity to get re-elected.

dan schorrDave Spano

Dan Schorr doesn’t have a clue what’s it’s like to play the role of  a chief law enforcement leader, he’s a step up from David Spano when it comes to leadership.  He does not have a clue about the world around him, he’s a puppet on a string.

Andy Spano,  Rob Astorino

Westchester County Residents have nothing to look forward to in the future, unless Rob Astorino wins his bid for Westchester County Executive.  We must get the incompetent Andy Spano out of office.  Rob Astorino is the best Candidate for Westchester County Executive without a doubt!

We will be endorsing some really good candidates the Tuesday before election day, and we hope that the candidates we endorse that all of them come out winners.

Some of these candidates will be chosen as the best of two evils, and some will be chosen as the best!

The Justice Department and the FEDS need to crack down on the Board Of Elections, and indict the people responsible for the Corruption in Westchester County Government.  It’s coming from the Board Of Elections all this political corruption in Westchester County Government.  They better do something soon.   It’s an obstruction of Justice what is going on in Westchester County Politics.  There should be a government lock down, and they should clean house.

Andrew Cuomo For Governornick spano, andrew cuomo fundraiserLobbyist Nick Spano

It’s a disgrace how our top law enforcers just ignore all the corruption in Westchester County Government.  Now, Andrew Cuomo is getting involved with Nick Spano to help him raise money for his bid for Governor!  It’s really disgusting what these people are about, shameful.  These politicians are all smoke and mirrors, the good character is just an elusion.  Governor Spitzer was a dress up pig, a closet pervert who spent his time between the sheets with the taxpayers money.

spitzertgirlandrew cuomo eliot spitzer close relationship

Why does the Justice Department only go after the Mafia, and than, they turn a blind eye to political corruption and all these corrupt politicians?

cash deals under the table

All these corrupt greedy politicians should be held accountable for the destruction of the United States Of America.  All the corruption that exists today is responsible for the deterioration of this once great nation America! When a nation is doing good the people are happy, smiling and enjoying life in harmony.  America is not doing good!







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  1. Janet's Husband

    Janet DiFiore is a lousy manager, bad D. A. and the worst kind of political opportunist.

    She quit her Family Court judgeship before her term was up, to run for Supreme Court. She quit her Supreme Court judgeship to run for D. A. She quite the Republican Party to supposedly win her reelection for D. A.

    Dan Schorr is nobody’s puppet. He has worked under D. A. Brown in Queens, a strong law and order Democrat. He has worked under a D. A. in Westchester. He has tried cases sucessfully, he knows how a D. A. is supposed to look out for the victims and not brag about a record number of cheap plea-bargained convictions.

    Dan Schorr will be, thankfully, our next District Attorney.

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