I use to recommend Yonkers Animal Hospital to everyone I met on the street, in the supermarket, at the park , etc..  I always thought Yonkers Animal Hospital was the best place to get care for my 3 dogs, my Beagle, Bishon Frise, and Pickapoo, but not anymore.  After, this past year I had a damaging experience at Yonkers Animal Hospital and this experience has left me with nothing more than permanent damage, disappointment,  and hurtful feelings inside my heart and soul.

Why?  Well, mainly because a woman named Janice with a nasty bad attitude, that’s why.  Unfortunately, I had to say those truthful terrible words “My Husband has been out of work for 7 months” and that’s when Janice disregarded the needs of my pets, and the conversation took an ugly turn for the worse, and money became the main issue, when I started itemizing the cost, and that’s when I found out that Yonkers Animal Hospital could not careless about my animals care.


Their office manager Janice had a terrible nasty attitude when I was trying to find out how much it would cost for each of my dogs to get much needed treatment.  Janice wouldn’t let me speak to the doctor and she said the doctor said whatever she said to me was final.

Then the receptionist Marcy got involved in the conversation, and said people call up yelling at them all the time because of the documentary video I had produced on The Westchester News.Com about animal abuse at Yonkers Animal Speciality Center.  She said,  they we’re  recommending people to take their pets there, and I asked her did you see the documentary, and she said yes, so, I told her, then maybe, you should stop recommending people to take their pets there.   Then, I said to Marcy,  After, I did my investigation on the Animal Speciality Center, I reported all my findings about that terrible place, then, the conversation deteriorated, I asked her to send me my dogs records.  When I got the records they had mixed up all my dogs info.

I’m a strong believer that things happen for a reason, my husband a Teamster was out of work for seven months, and having the task of feeding 3 dogs and getting them treatment was a challenge to say the least, but we did it with the help of Pet Goods in Scarsdale, on Central Avenue.  We were able to buy affordable Beneful & Pedigree dog food, and cookies.

The great thing that came out of all this was I found a new Veterinary Clinic that comes to Pet Goods once a month, and they take care of all my pets needs at a fraction of the cost that Yonkers Animal was charging us.

Yonkers Animal Hospital Charged us $60.00 just to flush out our Beagles ears.

Pet Goods Animal Clinic in Scarsdale, New York is $17.00


Beware Of Yonkers Animal Speciality Centers

In Memory Of Princess Tiffany

Headlines: Month In Review Check It Out

BEWARE OF ANIMAL ABUSE (Documentary 15 min.) The Westchester News



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  1. stephanie

    On October 26, 2010 I brought my two cats to in for de-clawing to Yonkers Animal Hospital, as both were destroying the house and it was the only way I could keep them. I received a phone call stating that my cats did not make it through the surgery. When I got there I found one cat bloated and deceased, Lexy, and the other, Bella, bleeding profusely in her cage due to the un-bandaged, de-clawed paws. They told me that the Lexy, the 7 month old, died of an enlarged heart. A month prior I brought Lexy to a different vet for a spay and she had no medical condition. Bella was bleeding to death and going into shock. I ran them to another vet and they were able to determine that the kitten’s heart was fine, and that she died from an overdose. My other cat, Bella, is currently in critical condition. If I had not taken the older cat in time, she would have died as well. I understand that all surgeries have risks; however, to have 2 cats that are overdosed does not seem to be a normal surgical risk. I would never risk my animal’s health in no way, shape, or form. Added to the fact, the communication between the clinic and I was less than sympathetic, caring, and/or professional to say the least! Animals are part of our family and should be treated as such, you would never leave your child to bleed to death, nor should your pet be treated that way! The interactions that occurred between me and the staff at Yonkers Animal Hospital were completely horrendous. They were undeniably rude and had no remorse for the death of my kitten and did not own up to their actions whatsoever. I advise anyone that is considering taking their beloved pet(s) to Yonkers Animal Hospital on 526 Saw Mill River Rd, Yonkers, NY 10701 to strongly think twice before doing so. The condition of the other animals in the cages/kennels was absolutely appalling, as they looked as though they were overdosed on medication(s).

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