Letterman ExtortionLate Night Marquee

David Letterman is accusing a CBS News employee of trying to extort $2 Million Dollars from him in a blackmail scheme or he would tell all about him having sex with all his female employees.  The Late Night Comedian used it in his monologue Thursday Night while millions of viewers watched him, he openly admitted, he had sexual relations with his female employees.

A Close source said, the CBS Network said, the person who was arrested works for 48 HOURS, his name is Robert J. Halderman, and he has been suspended from his position at 48 HOURS.  Mr. Halderman was part of a news team at 48 hours that won an Emmy in 2008.

David Letterman is 62 years old, he married his longtime girlfriend Regina Lasko in March 2009, they began dating in 1986 and they have a 6 year-old son named Harry.   David Letterman had heart surgery in 2000, and it slowed him down.  I guess these are Dave’s list for 10 best female employees for sex, but, he’s a one woman show now, he keeps his pants zippered and wears a jock strap and suspenders just to keep things in place, if you know what I mean…lol.

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