patrick joyceyonkers fireFirefighter says a prayer

Yonkers Firefighter Patrick Joyce lost his life battling a blaze, after he ran into a burning building thinking that there we’re two woman trapped inside.   He’s a hero, he went to save a life and this is how it ended up, there is no other way to say it,  39-years-old, he leaves a wife with two young children behind, he has left the entire community in mourning.

The grief is too much to bare for his fellow firefighters.  Yonkers Fire Department had gone without losing a firefighter in the line of duty in 23-years, it’s tragic.

Anthony Pagano

Yonkers Fire Commissioner Anthony Pagano said Patrick Joyce was a “Firefighter’s Firefighter.”  “He had no fear, he was a gentlemen, very smart and he knew what he was doing at all times.”

Warren Christopher, a Yonkers Resident saw Patrick Joyce on the ground, he said, “He was in bad shape, he had neck and head injuries, he was in bad shape.”

He jumped out a third story building, and he plunged at least 20 feet down, the men tried to deploy a rescue rope, the fire suddenly flared, it was intense up there, it was over 700 degrees up there on the third floor, he was trapped by flames and smoke, his radio wire was melted to his coat.  Chief George Kield said the men tried all they good to save him.

The fire was at 149 Waverly Street, leaving 17 people homeless, five families are now without a home.  The American Red Cross is placing them.

rafael roldan arrested

Rafael Roldan, a 33 -year-old Yonkers man who was evicted from his apartment at 149 Waverly Street.  Roldan, is accused of lightening the fire, and he was arrested on murder charges for the death of Fire Fighter Patrick Joyce.

This is arson, it could have been avoided, now a Fireman lost his life, and two others are in critical condition in a hospital.

Patrick Joyce worked at Rescue One, he has two brother’s that are firefighters, one of them is a Yonkers Firefighter and the other works with the bravest in New York City.

Yonkers Firefighter Patrick Joyce is a fallen hero.








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