BREAKING NEWS Call For A Criminal Investigation

Jose Alvarado Democrat

Jose Alvarado and Mario DeGiorgio Pictured

Jose Alvarado a Westchester County Legislator in New York is involved in Voter Fraud!

This is a Serious Matter that needs to be addressed by the FEDS

A Criminal Investigation of Primary Fraud

Sandy Annabi

Sandy Annabi lost her September 15th primary challenge to incumbent and Democratic Party nominee, Jose Alverado, by five votes.  Since then, it has come to light the primary was marred by illegal suppression of Annabi voters and fraudulent votes for Alvarado.

One such vote was cast by Alvarado=s attorney, Wilson Soto, who is hosting a reception at his 8 Huron Road residence tonight for newly seated Supreme Court Justice, Sonya Sotomayor.  (A copy of the invitation is in the attached)

Sonia Sotomayor,  Soto Sanchez, Wilson Soto

His home address is NOT within the 17th County District.  He was not legally able to vote in the 17th County District primary.

Soto did not cast his vote on a voting machine, but instead, submitted an affidavit ballot in which he claimed he currently resides at 279 South Broadway in Yonkers, an address within the 17th County District.  Affidavit ballots are used when a registered voter=s poll record is misplaced or omitted from the Board of Elections= computer-generated registration list.  Under Election Law ‘ 1‑104(22), Aresidence@ means Athat place where a person maintains a fixed, permanent and principal home.@  (A copy of Soto=s affidavit is contained in the attached)

Voter Fraud Affidavit Ballot Envelope

Public records reveal Soto=s single-family residence at 8 Huron Road was purchased in October of 2006, and Soto was the attorney for that transaction.  The owner of 279 South Broadway, a Florida physician, purchased that apartment building which has twelve units in April of 2006.  He confirmed Mr. Soto has not lived there anytime in the last three years.

In 2001, New York=s Court of Appeals upheld the conviction of John O=Hara, an attorney and frequent candidate for office, who violated Election Law ”17-104(4) and 17‑132(3) by false registration and illegal voting, and Penal Law ‘ 175.35 by filing a false document with a government agency, all felonies carrying up to four years in Prison. Soto=s conduct was the same as O=Hara=s.

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One response to “BREAKING NEWS Call For A Criminal Investigation

  1. Westchester County Citizens don’t come out to vote it’s because they are disgusted with all the corruption on the inside of all these political party affiliations. What’s to Vote? Voting is a waste of time. It’s too late for Westchester County because it’s stuck on the toilet with all the waste backing up, hurry up and get the plunger.

    Listen to me carefully, the health department is now saying because of the Swine Flu, there will be a low turn out at the polls. However, if people go to the Yankee baseball games with thousands of other people rubbing up against them, then, how could the Health Department get away with saying the Swine Flu is the reason for a low turnout at the polls?

    Corruption is the reason for the low turnout at the polls because people are disgusted with these greedy politicians milking the system dry.

    The Board Of Elections should be investigated for their shady practices. The Swine Flu is very mild in Westchester County, it’s ridiculous how the health department is using these scare tactics so people will take the Swine Flu Shots! The permanent “Side Effects” that people can get from the H1N1 Vaccine are worse than we could imagine.

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