These are the concerns of the people the questions that are circulating around Westchester, New York and throughout the nation.

Do you trust the United States Government?

Will you take the Swine Flu Vaccination?

Do you think the Government is telling the American people the truth about the side effects of these vaccinations?

Do you think people will die from these vaccinations?

What are your thoughts about this?

Does the United States Government use the American people as Guinea pigs?

Do you think the United States Government lies to the American people and uses the Press to tell these lies?

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  1. I think the flu doesn’t kill healthy people. I think healthy people have nothing to gain and a lot to lose from flu vaccination.

  2. My Husband and I, decided to get our regular flu shot today, but we are absolutely not getting the H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine, it was documented in history about the dangerous side effects. I’m one of the thousands of Americans that do not trust our government.

    I got a B12 Shot with my regular Flu shot it helps to build my immune system. It’s in God’s Hands now, and that’s who I trust.

  3. Westchester County Citizens don’t come out to vote it’s because they are disgusted with all the corruption on the inside of all these political party affiliations. What’s to Vote? Voting is a waste of time. It’s too late for Westchester County because it’s stuck on the toilet with all the waste backing up, hurry up and get the plunger.

    Listen to me carefully, the health department is now saying because of the Swine Flu, there will be a low turn out at the polls. However, if people go to the Yankee baseball games with thousands of other people rubbing up against them, then, how could the Health Department get away with saying the Swine Flu is the reason for a low turnout at the polls?

    Corruption is the reason for the low turnout at the polls because people are disgusted with these greedy politicians milking the system dry.

    The Board Of Elections should be investigated for their shady practices. The Swine Flu is very mild in Westchester County, it’s ridiculous how the health department is using these scare tactics so people will take the Swine Flu Shots! The permanent “Side Effects” that people can get from the H1N1 Vaccine are worse than we could imagine.

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