janet difioreJanet Difiore, Westchester Prostitution

Westchester County District Attorney Janet Difiore wants all the Prostitutes to pack their bags until the election season is over “Please comeback after election season, thank you”  a close source said.

Election 2009 High End Pemps Whores

Ring Around The Rosey Pocket Full Of Posey, that’s right it’s a High End, High Class Hooker Ring that was arrested throughout all the high class Westchester County Hotels.  Do these people look like Pemps and Whores?  According to Janet Difiore they are, Local Police and Assistant District Attorneys are saying that these people are High Class Hookers.  A close source said, after a two-year under-the-covers investigation with Local Police participation, they felt they had enough evidence to arrest these criminals.  I guess the timing was perfect for Janet Difiore to arrest these High Class Hookers, they must have some evidence on these people, two-years, wow, I wonder who was going under the covers for this crime stopper?  Do the taxpayers get their money back now for this under the covers investigation?  Then, you wonder why people are getting Swine Flu around here, it’s a can of germs.  Who Knew?

Doral Arrowwood, should’ve advertised all the Saturday Night Deserts on the menu with the Lobster Fest Special, my God, Between the Buffet and Between the Sheets this place must be making a fortune.

Westchester County District AttorneyCriminal Courts are wasting taxpayer dollars

Criminal Courts are wasting taxpayer dollars on petty charges and costly trials!

I just wish, Westchester County had a District Attorney who focused on using taxpayer dollars on keeping our city, towns and villages safe and cleaning up this mess with all these street gangs, it’s frightening, said an East Yonkers Woman. This is not making our streets any safer! We have some serious violent crimes and killings on our streets. Westchester County is not like NYC, it’s not a tourist attraction, who cares about the hotels here, if they didn’t have one night flings, prostitutes and homeless people in them, Westchester County wouldn’t have Hotels. It’s been like this for years. Maybe, Westchester County Government wants to close the hotels down and use them for low income housing, who knows?  They did it in Yonkers!

This is a waste of Taxpayer Dollars!

Janet Difore used taxpayers money on prosecuting Sam Zherka for talking back to a Mount Vernon Cop. Mount Vernon Cops are the most corrupt law enforcement in New York State. Sam Zherka is a Publisher and strip club owner. She should really focus on the real criminals and stop wasting taxpayer dollars on petty verbal hearsay and court charges and these wasteful court trials.

Do you believe this, do you really believe in the truth, well you should because the truth is a powerful weapon.

Westchester County Residents gathered outside of their White Plains apartment building said, Who Cares, people are getting killed on the streets here, did you know that Westchester County residents are getting killed on the streets around here, remember the Mall that poor innocent woman was just coming home from work, who cares about a bunch of whores who need to pay their rent?  Tell me, who really cares?  They gotta eat too!

Where is the priority of Westchester County Law Enforcement? Where? Wake up people in blue and go after the street gangs, focus your agenda on violent street gangs, stop the violence, stop the dangerous crimes that affect all of us, prioritize the need for safety.  Stop The Violence!

When you start making gang arrests, then you did something honorable.

Month In ReviewCheck It Out

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/ny_crime/2009/10/09/2009-10-09_westchester_da_busts_hooker_ring_that_used_best_hotels.html


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