CNN Latino In America

Filmmaker Arturo Perez sent us LOU DOBBS or LATINOS in America!

Lou Dobbs

I think his documentary is Excellent, however, I do believe that we do have a serious problem in this country with an overwhelming population of illegal aliens who do not abide by the rules, they drive without a license, they live off the welfare system, and they work off the books for cheap labor, they carry disease into this country, and they are a step up from being slaves and that’s not good. Now, here is the thing, this information about them doesn’t make them bad people, but, it does show how corrupt our government is that they allow this to go on in America.  Lou Dobbs is one of many who uses all these illegal aliens as ranch hands in upstate “New York” on Ranches, and New York Mayor Bloomberg too uses them and many more rich people around this country use illegal aliens as hired hands.

Trust me, if the rich were not in need of cheap labor there would not be any illegal aliens in America.

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