Politics On The Hudson Line

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Do you have faith in this corrupted political process in Westchester County New York?

That’s the question you must answer for yourself, honestly, I’m tired of Westchester County Politics using up my time and money.  I believe the Political Process has been corrupted by a hand full of cowards who are threatened by losing their County and Union Jobs.  It’s really a disgrace how everyone looks the other way, and doesn’t care about what’s going on behind these local government doors.

Let’s look at the process of how a seat is won in Westchester County and throughout the United States Of America.  Money is the reason they run for office, and money is the reason they get into office, taxpayers money, under the table development deals and corporate America deals.  The sad part about it, is that it’s not American at all, all these corrupt politicians get their money from foreign countries around the world.  We are not owned by the United States Of America, we are owned by the United Nations Of America.  This is not a joke, it’s something we the people need to take very seriously, if you have children, you should really care about the future of America.

Don’t you wonder how Hillary Clinton decided to move to Westchester County to run for the New York Senate Seat?  It was a done deal!  She owned that seat, she bought the whole lot, stock and barrel in Westchester County, New York. Democrats and Republicans, Conservatives and Independents Line are all from the same mold. They are all linked to each other and they whale and deal under and over the table, they decide who will win the political seat, and the voters are just a front to deter from the truth about what really is going on in the Board Of Elections in Westchester County. Why is the state of Westchester County so bad because of all this corruption, they all have their hands in the taxpayers dollars it’s a cookie jar for these greedy people?

Let’s take a look at Ken Jenkins, he was on News 12 Westchester’s Political Talk Show “Point Counter Point”  with Mike Edelman, and they seem to know it all about the outcome of every election in Westchester County.  Ken Jenkins, a nice clean cut black guy who hangs around with all these white rich politicians, right?  Why, do these rich white politicians use guys like Ken Jenkins in the forefront because they make good deters from the reality of the truth of what is really going on behind the secret doors in Westchester County Board Of Elections?

Ken Jenkins

Maybe, we should consider this, that Ken Jenkins is the Chairman of the Democratic Party, and he’s running for Westchester County legislator again without anyone from any other political party running against him.  He owns the seat.  He also controls the Westchester County NAACP.  Something is not right with this, it’s unethical, and it needs to be addressed.  Nita Lowey US Representative for New York’s 18th District, a Congresswoman in Westchester County she has no one running against her with any other Political Party Candidates.

nita lowey congresswomanmeet the pressnita lowey & bill and hillary clintonNita Lowey in Bolivia

Democrat Nita M. Lowey, she’s in on the deal too.  I’ll say it again, Nita Lowey has no one running against her in November 2009, she owns her seat until she decides to retire or run for higher office or possibly be appointed to a higher office like Hillary Clinton.

The Westchester County Board Of Elections process is old and needs to be updated and investigated by the Justice Department, the Attorney General and the FBI, unfortunately, that will not happen anytime soon because their too busy bringing down the MOB for petty crimes.

We live in lawless times, if you only knew what really goes on in America, if you only knew where all these developers get their money from, you would feel betrayed by your government.  Do you really think Kadafi just pitched a tent on Donald Trump’s Property, how about this maybe, Libyan leader Moammar Kadafi owns a lot more of the American pie, than you think, huh?   Westchester County Executive Andy Spano worships the ground that Donald Trump walks on, in fact he thinks he is Donald Trump.  Where is all this development money coming from, and who are the investors? It sounds like there is a lot more than meets the eye of Donald Trump, isn’t there?

NYC Iranian Owned Building

The Iranian Government is Building and Buying up Real-Estate all over in America, it makes you wonder what the future is going to be like living in America?  Do you ever really think about this, ever, is America becoming a third-World Country?  This is the silent night of Investment Bankers who have 3rd party members investing their money in America, can you figure out who they are, try to guess? What does this say about all the people who lost their lives on September 11th? It’s a slap in the face to every loyal American who has kissed the ground that they live on and those that have given their lives for the freedom we now have in America.  Veterans don’t have a glue that they have sold themselves out for a free spaghetti dinner at a Veteran lodge.  The Veterans look the other way when they know a politician is corrupt and they will still stand with them for a photo Opt during election time and endorse them.  Veteran’s do not care about the future of this country,  they just care about having a lodge to hang their hats in.  These politicians are like machines they have no feelings, no emotions and no friends, you’re just a number to them.   The reality of what’s ahead of us in New York is not pretty!

New York is where I was born and raised, but, when I look around I realize this is not home anymore.

No matter how hard you work for a corporate company you will never be rich, no matter how long you work for a union you will never be able to pay your bills, no matter what you do or what you say at this point, it’s just too little too late, the damage is done and the American dream doesn’t exist anymore.  The Economy is not doing well, and if you believe what some of these Local News Anchors are dictating to you, you’re a little weak minded to believe them.  The truth is people are losing there homes to investment bankers, and Teamsters who have been in the union for 30 years are working part time, they’re not even getting a full weeks pay.  College students and Professionals with College degrees are working in Corporate Coffee Shops at minimum wage, just to have a job.  The truth is this the economy is not doing good and it’s been on a down hill slid for a very longtime with no recovery in sight.   New York State is not doing good, too many people living off the tax dollars and they’re sucking the system dry and Westchester County is doing far worse than anywhere else.   The love of money is the root of all evil, isn’t it?

You know and I know, this is the truth, isn’t it?

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2 responses to “Politics On The Hudson Line

  1. Westchester County Citizens don’t come out to vote it’s because they are disgusted with all the corruption on the inside of all these political party affiliations. What’s to Vote? Voting is a waste of time. It’s too late for Westchester County because it’s stuck on the toilet with all the waste backing up, hurry up and get the plunger.

    Listen to me carefully, the health department is now saying because of the Swine Flu, there will be a low turn out at the polls. However, if people go to the Yankee baseball games with thousands of other people rubbing up against them, then, how could the Health Department get away with saying the Swine Flu is the reason for a low turnout at the polls?

    Corruption is the reason for the low turnout at the polls because people are disgusted with these greedy politicians milking the system dry.

    The Board Of Elections should be investigated for their shady practices. The Swine Flu is very mild in Westchester County, it’s ridiculous how the health department is using these scare tactics so people will take the Swine Flu Shots! The permanent “Side Effects” that people can get from the H1N1 Vaccine are worse than we could imagine.

  2. I guess this article has said it all! Nothing to Add, huh?

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