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I would like to contact all the people who have complaints against Con Edison Company, starting with Westchester County, New York, and then branching out to the people all over the tri-state area to start a “Class Action Lawsuit” against Con Edison Company. We are looking for anyone who has had their claim denied from Con Edison Company for damages to their property or overcharges on their bill. Please contact Barbara Ricci 914 237-8631

Con Edison has been taking advantage of the public for a very longtime, they are a huge “Corporation” who thinks they do not have to be accountable to the public. If, we push together, we can knock them down with a “Class Action Lawsuit” against them.

Thank you,

Barbara Ricci, Publisher
The Westchester News
914 237-8631





The Westchester News

914 237-8631 Newsroom

Headlines: Month In Review


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  3. susan corsi

    what about any class action lawsuits against ConEd for leaving people for days without power no electric no hot water no heat for days and they do not respond in a timely manner and on top of that you can’t even put in a claim for spoiled food due to a storm. They are held accountable for nothing!

  4. Con Edison has been claiming that i owe them $5,600 just because they have been unable to gain access inside my property to read the meters. I work during the days and my daughter goes to high school. there is nobody home in the days to use up an enormous amount of electricity. I have made several attempts calling Con Edison asking to speak to a supervisor and each time I was told that a supervisor was not available. I have always been paying the estimated bills that Con Edison have been sending me. I have trying to pay Con Edison what I can afford to pay them monthly while I am struggling to pay my daughters catholic school tuition and other household bills. Con Edison would not work with me in allowing to pay whatever I can a month. They want me to pay a huge amount of deposit and want me to pay $200 amonth along with my original Con Ed monthly bill. I told them that I am a single parent who lives a one paycheck an that I get paid twice a month but Con Edison won’t listen as if they don’t care. I am losing sleep over this situation and is in desperate need of helpful advice and legal assistance.

    • They did the same thing to me! Took my money and turned me off anyway! After 25 hrs we still have no gas or electric!!! Have been on the phone with them every hour n they just keep giving me the run around!
      When they want their money they don’t care about sick children n the needs of not only my family but the family that I rent to! Who also have babies!! I’m am sick of their astronomical fees and lack of compassion!!

  5. Abdoul

    I would like to get the west Hester news at my premesis today to denounce con Edison as a brutal force against vulnerable customers with fictitious charges and bills. They have just turned off services at a residential home endangering the welfare of a premature baby. Please join me in this denunciation. You can contact me atv347 337 3416

    • TJS

      yes we need some one to hear us out. every winter when natural gas prices were so low last year and this year – only recently it is up a bit but Con Edison charges high prices. any one looking into it.
      It is crazy no action against Con Edison????????

  6. Tara

    I am wondering why installing a generator is considered a “luxury item” even when we have so many instances of the electricity going down. Con Edison has control over the work they say MUST be done and they set the prices. I spoke with plumbers who used to do the work for Con Ed and they charges 1/3 of the amount Con Ed wants to charge.

  7. I am beyond angry, upset n humiliated! Von Ed turn our supply off after making an arrangments with me and after I paid them 2,100.00 they still have not turned us back on! It’s been over 25 hours! I have 3 children with sever asthma and I cannot even give them their nebulizer treatments ! When I told con Ed this, they told me to call 911!! Is this legal? I want to be part of a class action suit against them!

  8. k mclawrence

    why are my delivery charges more than my actual electrical use? my esco company charges me $20 for electricity but con Edison charges $49 for delivery charges? thats like tipping $100 for a $5 pizza. Coned=crooks

  9. Mrs. Jimenez

    Con Edison left me for 11 days without power after the bill was satisfied and refused to allow power into my home. I had all food spoil and damaged. I slept in darkness and heat for 11 days. They did not care and stated that it was not their problem to fix.

  10. Mrs. Jimenez

    They also overcharged me on several occasions and tamper with my billing charges as well. I am seeking to sue Con Edison as well.

  11. Zarnigor

    Hi in New York Brooklyn on 303 Webster ave in apartment we don’t have light at this moment cony Edison did not provide any info. That’s saying no light or any problems I have new born at home .we call 311 and con Edison but they don’t know when light will be

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