Eddie Doyle Sr.                                                   Frank D’Amico Sr.


My father Frank D’Amico, Sr. was a Master Stewart and than some, a Teamster Leader like no other for 44-years and he was a true blue Teamster at Local 456.  My father dedicated his life to making Eddie Doyle look good, and back in those days Eddie Doyle looked like he was a strong leader.  My father Frank D’Amico, was given a job title Master Steward but that’s not all he did for Eddie Doyle,  he worked behind the scenes, doing a lot of personal things for Eddie, but,  his main job was to secure union jobs for union members.  I know my father must be turning over in his grave because he spent his life fighting for the working man and he spent his days pressuring companies to sign contracts so Teamster’s would get a fair deal.

Teamsters Local 456

Today, the union has no power they sold the union men out to the construction companies and developers, they don’t fight for the members jobs, they fight for the local politicians jobs, and they look the other way when a company fires union members.  I have two examples to share with you, one, a union that once was 3000 strong has become 5000 nothing with nothing jobs, this union has completely dwindled  to nothing.

EDDIE DOYLEJanet DifioreAndy Spano

The former President of the Teamster’s Local 456 Eddie Doyle, Sr., who was bard from the Union for 7 years for a felony charge is now back in the union hall calling union members a disgrace for not showing up to endorse Janet Difiore for Westchester County District Attorney, and Andy Spano for Westchester County Executive. (less than 100 union members showed up for that meeting, just the ones with the best jobs in the Union) This incident happened a few weeks ago at Teamsters Local 456 in Elmsford, New York.


There are men out of work for months in this union, men who have been Teamster’s for over 30 years bouncing from job to job, 2 days here, 1 day there, they’ve maxed-out their credit cards, losing their homes to foreclosure, and filing bankruptcy all because of lack of work.

House Forclosurecredit cardsbankruptcybankruptcy

Now, Eddie Doyle, Sr. said something very distasteful to the union members at another Local 456 meeting this past week, the leadership voted on going back to the old way of doing things, Picket Lines,  and they said, “We’ll give the members who walk the picket lines the jobs first over Teamster’s who have been in this Union for 30 years, whoever, stands on the Picket Lines they’ll get the jobs in this union.”

picket signsTruck Drivers

A Close Source said, The Teamster’s who have been in this union for 3o years, hold seniority over the new members, they paid their dues for years in Local 456, and this “Hitler Leadership”  is treating the senior men like garbage in this union.  This is a Legit Union?  This is not a Legit Union, this is Union Corruption!

Unemployed Teamsters

Eddie Doyle, Sr. is a has been, and he’s not even a delegate in this union, he’s nothing, but, he thinks he’s still the President, and when he was the President he was a huge disappointment, and an embarrassment when funds went missing in the Health & Welfare Office and his many family members who were embedded in the Health and Welfare Office had to resign from their jobs at Local 456, including him.  About these statements that were made to the Local 456 membership at the union meeting, these statements are unethical and they should be investigated, said a close source.

Eddie Doyle Sr

Eddie Doyle Sr. talks like he’s still the President running this union hall, and the reality is that this union has sold the men out to developers, Eddie Doyle Sr. is a has been, the old-timers have no respect for him or his son Eddie Jr. “The so called President Of the Teamsters” and the union Local 456 is not strong, it’s crumbling before our eyes.

Eddie Doyle Sr. thinks a Politicians job is more important than a Teamsters job, that’s the only time you see this guy on the news, he fights for a Politicians job, but you never see him or his son throwing up picket lines or closing down construction jobs for a Teamsters job, a close source said.  The son Eddie Jr. “The President” where is he? He’s a hermit, you never see this guy on the news fighting for the Teamsters, it’s always his daddy endorsing Politicians, but where is the son “The President”  is he the President of the Teamsters or is he Hermit the Frog? What’s Eddie, Jr. afraid that someone might recognize him on the news for something he did in the past, huh? You never see this guy in public, never.

Here is an example:

Joe Imperia, the CEO of Imperia Brothers Building Material fired all the Teamsters that worked there for years, and Eddie Doyle Jr. the union leader allowed him to hire all new employees and he only made the truck drivers Teamster Members.  All those Union jobs are gone. Is that right to do, is this union out of control or what?

Imperia Brothers Inc. (914) 738-0900

Location: 57 Canal Rd. Pelham, NY  10803-2792



Voting Machinepolitical newsTEAMSTERS LOCAL 456

The Westchester News

914 237-8631 Newsroom



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  2. Steve Harrington

    I have to say that, it is a grave disappointment to say the least, that this Union, which was such a huge influence on my life is failing so miserably. My father has since retired out, as well as my uncle, and non to soon it seems. My Grandfather, Harry Williams Jr. worked in that Elmsford office for many years, as well as put in his time in the trenches, working hard for his family, and the Union. He has since past away, and I feel that he is turning over in his grave, knowing what he worked so hard for during the better part of his life has been withered away by corruption, and greed. How can we restore the grand stature to this once great Union? I think we need to realize that its for the Brotherhood, and not the Brother!

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