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Get The Kids Out Of the Room for this News Video! This is a must see.

This video will show you why your children are at risk in Westchester County!  Pedophiles are walking around your neighborhoods, affordable contractors, affordable housing, Cops tell the Pedophiles that you called the police on them and that puts the caller at risk.  The community is not safe!  Keep your children close to you.  Westchester County, New York is not safe.

When you put people with low incomes in upper-class neighborhoods,  it just does not work,  they’re should be a law that the community has a right to remain with the same quality of life before low income housing moves into a quiet neighborhood anywhere or the low income people should lose their housing opportunity.  I have watched my community go from a beautiful safe quiet place to live to a place that is unsafe, drugs, shootings, muggings, graffiti, and the streets are completely unsafe.  Low Income Housing is destroying good neighborhoods.  Community people fear for their Lives.  There is no excuses good enough for allowing this to go on.

Re: Law Enforcement-they’re not doing their job in Yonkers, New York!

Yonkers Policepolitical news

Yonkers Police are lazy and lack training when they are called to a neighborhood to check out a suspect.  (Not All the Cops Are Lazy and Lack Training, Some are good Cops and Professional)

Janet Difiore, Tony Castro

The Westchester County District Attorney did nothing about this, and she has a copy of this video.

Janet Difiore is not protecting the children in Westchester County, New York.

Andy Spano,  Rob Astorino

Andy Spano, the Westchester County Executive couldn’t care-less where he puts affordable housing, and when he’s ready he’ll pack a bag and go to Florida like the rest of the retired Westchester County Politicians.

We Bring You The Truth!

The Westchester News.Com


Yonkers Police Are Caught In The Act!  This Video is a must see.


Google: YouTube – Westchester News

The Westchester News.Com



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