Rob AstorinoAndy Spano, Rob Astorino

What A Great Actor He Gets An Academy Award!!!

Wake Up Rob Astorino!  Google Rules your life now!

Meet World War II Veteran Bob Schubert From Rye, New York


Kevin Plunkett is an evil wicked man who has no respect for the elderly, he is caught on camera abusing an old man, a Rye Resident.


If, The Westchester News.Com Team had known about this Video and that Rob Astorino was going to hire Kevin Plunkett, all I could say is, Rob Astorino would not have won this Election.




I told Rob Astorino that The Westchester News.Com starts with a blank page with a newly elected official, I said, you are the one who will fill this page!  Unfortunately, it’s gonna be a long 4 years… the Spano Demon is out and the Monsignor High Hitler is in.  Rob Astorino is an Alter Boy,  he is not capable of handling this job when he makes little boy decisions like this, it shows he’s controlled by an adult authority Kevin Plunkett.


Rob Astorino does not realize the power of the internet,  he should rethink his strategy and this huge mistake he has made.


Meet Kevin Plunkett:


Read the comments on the Journal News Blog:


Rob Astorino does not realize it yet but this is a recipe for disaster, he already has made his biggest mistake hiring Plunkett, his client list is the same as Andy Spano’s client list.  Rob Astorino is going to be part of the corruption machine, we so badly want to get out of our local government.  We’re all in trouble people.


How do you know a man?  You know a man by his friends!  There is too much scandal going on in Westchester County Board Of Elections and Politics.  None of them can be trusted, none.


Who are the biggest loses?  The taxpayers are gonna get the biggest blow here and the citizens will never smile again in this county because Election Day is nothing more than Smoke & Mirrors.


Mamaroneck paid $527,069 this year to Kevin J. Plunkett, its former part-time lawyer:

Yonkers Tribute Addresses Kevin Plunkett About Ridge Hill:


More About Kevin Plunkett:


Mamaroneck, NY: (Feb-12-07) Three ex police officers filed a lawsuit against the village of Mamaroneck alleging they were fired in retaliation for speaking out against corruption in the department. The ex officers made their allegations public regarding the high-level corruption and were catalysts for a federal investigation into the department. They said they were illegally retaliated against for exercising their First Amendment rights. The village will pay $1.5 million to settle the civil rights and wrongful termination lawsuit. [The Journal News)


“It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies,

just as much to stand up to our friends.”


— Dumbledore

The Westchester News.Com

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