The Jury is deadlocked in the 4th trial against John Gotti Junior, and clearly the evidence is not there to convict him for racketeering.   The jury abruptly sent a message to the Federal Judge Kevin Castel saying, that they could not reach a verdict on any of the three counts against John Gotti Jr. .  The jury is not able to reach a unanimous verdict, the note read signed by the foreman.  The Gotti family was relieved and the defense smiled.  This is the forth trial in five years of federal prosecutions against John Jr., that ended in a mistrial.

Victoria Gotti, John’s Sister said, after the note was read out loud in the courtroom, she said, “That’s not bad by any means.”  There is nothing else to say right now, we are going to continue praying and hoping, as we wait over the weekend.

The defense attorney Charles Carnesi, smiled but declined comment at this time. The Federal Judge sent the Jury back into the jury room to keep trying to come up with a verdict.  The jury will continue deliberations on Monday.

John Gotti Jr.,  is charged with racketeering and a couple of alleged drug murders, the same charges like the earlier charges.  John Gotti Jr., has not been in the mob since 1999.

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