Westchester Dog Owners Concerned

Westchester County dog owners are concerned about they’re missing dogs.  One dog owner said, Where is my dog?  Another dog owner said, Who has my dog?  What has happened to my dog?  Dogs seem to be missing all over Westchester County, and the ASPCA, SPCA, Dog Shelters, Humane Society, Animal Rescues, Police, Animal Doctors, Dog Groomers, Veterinary Hospitals and Westchester County residents don’t have a clue what happened to these lost dogs that are missing without a trace.  The New York DOT and Westchester County Departments of Sanitation picks up stray dogs found dead on the side of the road, all the time.  However, that doesn’t answer the question why dogs with tags and collars, who are micro chipped are not being returned to the dog owners dead or alive.   A close source said, Veterinary Hospitals are looking the other way when someone is bringing a dog into the office that has been found on the street, they’re not reporting the lost animal to the authorities, they’re looking the other way and it’s wrong.  Losing a beloved pet is like losing a child, it’s a heartache and a void that cannot be filled.

Gerson, the owner of “Marco” a Poodle/Jack Russel Mix is devastated by this, his family is heart broken, and they must get their baby back, and they will not stop looking for him, not ever.  Marco is part of our family we will not stop looking for him, and we must rely on the kindness of strangers to help us locate where he is or what exactly happened to him, who has our baby?  We need the News Media’s help to find him.  We know the answers are out there and we follow every lead, so please, we are asking the public to contact us with any hint they can offer us.


REWARD Have you seen this dog?

Have you seen Marco anywhere? Has anyone you know come home with a dog that looks like him? He’s been missing since August when his owner was hit by a car on Hillside and Halstead Avenues. Marco’s leash was found on Mamaroneck Avenue and North Barry – it was chewed. Marco had become scared when the police and ambulance arrived and the police couldn’t catch him. Please help find Marco and bring him home for the Christmas. We’re hoping a good Samaritan has found him and is keeping him safe and warm. He is a Poodle/Jack Russel Mix who is mostly white with black ears and black around his eyes. There are black spots on him you will see if his hair is short. Please look at these pictures to see how different he looks with long and short hair. Call us anytime day or night if you know of where he might be. There is a $500 reward, no questions asked. 914 575 8045 or 914 575 8130 Marco is very loved and very missed.

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