John Gotti Is Free

BREAKING NEWS:  Gotti will not be retried again, this case is closed!

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, expressed his “disappointment” in a statement about this forth mistrial against Gotti, but he still hasn’t ruled out a fifth trial either.  A close source said, they doubt there will be a fifth trial, it cost the taxpayers a lot of money to keep trying to get Gotti, when the evidence is not there to convict him.   He’s been out of the MOB for years, they should just leave the guy alone and go after the gang leaders on the streets that are killing innocent people, they should leave Gotti alone.

John Junior Gotti walked out of the Federal Courthouse yesterday with his head held high and he said, I want to go home and see my children and I’m going to have a happy healthy Christmas with my family, Thank God!  After spending 16 months in jail behind bars,  Federal Jury in Manhattan was not able to reach a verdict on the racketeering charges against John Junior.

John Gotti Junior has six children who miss him dearly, after all these months away from him.

The Jurors are outraged that the Federal Prosecutor keeps pursuing Gotti and they urge the prosecutors to drop this case for good.   Gotti didn’t take the stand, therefore the prosecutor had to rely on the evidence against him.  What did prosecutors have MOB informants to testify for plea deals, that’s not evidence that’s bribery!

When John Gotti Junior was asked, “Do you think they’ll be a fifth trial? He answered, I hope to God not, but if we have to be prepared for it, we’ll be prepared for it.”

John Gotti, 45, of Oyster Bay drove away heading straight home to be with his family.

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