President Obama VS. American Soldiers Want Out

The American people feel deceived by the President of the United States, Barack Obama; he has let us down when he announced he would not end the war as promised during his campaign.  This war has cost the American soldiers their limbs and their lives for what, nothing.  There is no power in a wavering mind, and the President has a wavering mind, and he is not strong enough to end this war and bring our children home.  Barack Obama is not the President he said he’d be, and he has lied to the American people, he promised to end the war and he didn’t, instead he started a new one, Afghanistan.  Barack Obama’s speech at West Point was pointless!

Death is Death, no matter what way you cut it, American Soldiers are dying day after day so Bush and Cheney could make billions then and now off these wars.  This is a Holocaust that is happening right before our eyes to America,  our American Soldiers are dying and the American people are heading into financial communism, America is broke.  Barack Obama came on the seen like a knight in shinning armor and we thought he was going to end the war, now he took off his mask, and he’s like the angel of darkness, as the war continues, he starts another war with Afghanistan, this war will not end.  Tell your children, what good are the benefits of war when you have no limbs when you come home.  Veterans know the truth about war, Veterans know the price of war and Veterans are the ones who pay the price, not a President!

Military Suicide Rate Is Up

The American Soldier is tired and weary, and they want to come home, unfortunately, America can’t afford to bring them home, they have nothing to offer these soldiers, no jobs, no healthcare, nothing, America is broke, they got nothing to offer these soldiers, it’s cheaper to keep the war going than it is to end the war and bring them home a veteran said, as we shared a cup of coffee.

There is so much mental illness in this war, it’s worse than Vietnam you cannot even imagine what is a head of us when these soldiers come home.  There minds are so messed up!

These soldiers feel like murderers, inside their souls, they don’t feel like hero’s and that is what they’re government has done to them, and there is going to be a lot of disturbed veterans walking the streets when they finally come home.  It’s sad, very, very sad.

The former President George W. Bush was nothing more than a lie, he ruined this country, and we will never regain our losses.  The Truth is the most powerful weapon in the world, therefore, the American people should listen to the Former CIA in this video below.

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