Brittany Murphy’s husband shows us his before and after the Oscars look in these photo’s above.  The glamour we see in Hollywood is all an illusion, movie stars are just characters we see in front of a camera but in true life they’re extremely sad and dysfunctional, very selfish people. They just have a lot more money than the average Joe, but Joe actually works for a living. Hollywood Movie Stars rise up to this glamourous lifestyle in Hollywood and then they die, it’s a tragedy.

Brittany Murphy is dead, she was 32-years-old,  another sad story about an actress dead before her time.  Hollywood reeks of fast living, parties, movie deals, money, prescription drugs, cocaine, alcohol, sex, homosexuals, bisexuals, fly by night relationships and marriages that all end with divorce and tragedy.

Behind all the glimmer and lights is the true reality that Hollywood is all an illusion, and what we see on the red carpet, is not who these movie stars really are in everyday life.   Unfortunately, most of what we read in the tabloids is true these movie stars that stand in front of the glimmer and the lights waving to their fans have the most lonely sad lives outside of being in-front of a camera, they are bored to death with the reality of their lives.

The Westchester News



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