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The Biggest Empire City Casino Scam

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The Empire City Casino Scam in Yonkers, New York: Consumers Beware this casino is scamming the people with lots of false advertising and marketing tactics that are one big lie, this casino is a scam.

People have shared their personal feelings about the Empire City Casino in Yonkers, New York, and they feel that this casino is robbing them and using false marketing tactics and false advertisement on the radio 106.7 and cable channels and Fox 5 network.  The casino is enticing people to come there to gamble, making them think they’ll win lots of money.  The machines at this casino don’t payout a lot of money and people are losing their shirts in this place.  One woman told me she spent her entire paycheck tonight, another said it’s sad what they’re doing to the people, they’re robbing the people, they’re robbing them of their hard earned cash.  The people running this casino are a bunch of thieves and New York State should shut this casino down.  They’re scamming the people in this place and it starts at the management level down.  They think the people are stupid, and they spend everyday and night laughing sitting behind those cameras in the ceiling, they sit there watching all the people lose hundreds of dollars, all the peoples money is gone just like that sucked up into these vacuum slot machines.  They just take everybody’s money.  Its like you’re flushing your money down the toilet.

New Yorkers are the saddest people in the United States and this is the reason “Our Government is robbing us and they’re taking advantage of us, a source said,  “You can’t even get a free beer in this place, it’s terrible.”

Empire City Casino is a scam, a close source said, they’re scamming the people out of hundreds and hundreds of dollars.  An investigation by the FBI is needed because behind the scenes at this Casino, it’s one huge scam.

It’s important for me to share my experiences with you,  these are personal experiences that I had at the Empire City Casino.  Therefore, please allow me to say this when I left the casino the other night I was completely in tears.  Listen carefully because I am about to give you some valuable information about the people who patronize this casino.  Most people who walk through the doors of Empire City Casino walkout losers, and the most powerful truth is this,  you will absolutely “Not” win any money in this place, and if you do win, you will definitely “Not” walkout the door with your winnings.

Listen Carefully, if or when you do win about $20.00 dollars on a machine take it and run with it because what will follow that deceiving little win is a big loss, the machine will discreetly go cold quickly.  You will end up losing every penny in your pocket and then you will go to the ATM and take more money out, you’ll spend more and more,  just to win your money back.   This casino is robbing the patrons blind and in the blink of an eye your money is gone, just like that, it’s gone.

Recently, I lost $100.00 dollars, and let me tell you it was painful to walkout of that casino without anything to show for it, not even enjoyment or a little thrill, and literally I was in tears.  My husband and I ended up in an argument because I wanted to keep playing and keep trying to win our money back, unfortunately, we were like most of the other couples who lose their money and end up arguing for the same reason, losing money.

My advice to anyone who likes to play slot machines, if you have a lot of money to throw away, than, go to Empire City Casino.   This casino has a lot of bells and whistles, but there is no payout, it’s all smoke and mirrors.  When I listen to all the people on the bus ride to the parking lot, I could hear the same painful tone in their voices,  full of disappointment and worry.  When everyone walks through the doors of this casino, it starts out exciting and fun, but by the end of the night, everyone has tired long faces.

Please read the story below, every bit of it is the truth about Empire City Casino.  Don’t let this casino rob you of your hard earned cash.  Play Wisely!  Beware of the win because the loss will rapidly follow.

This story is a story you must read, if you gamble and you can’t seem to win, if you have spent $20.00 dollars or $200.00 dollars, the odds are the more you spend the more you will lose at Empire Casino.  The patrons come in bus loads from Long Island, and many come from the Bronx weekly to try their luck at winning a Jackpot.  Unfortunately, almost everybody leaves broke, aside from a few smart ones, who play fugal.  If anyone wins in this Casino they just end up putting it back into the machines.  The casino can bring in 75 million in one night!  They advertise on Fox News at Ten, and 106.7 radio.  The element has changed at the casino and there is a hostile environment among the employees, although,  most of the security guards are upbeat, friendly and try to be helpful and want to do the right thing for the patrons, but unfortunately,  they are limited by casino management, and are told to mislead patrons and look the other way, a close source told The Westchester News.

The Teamsters Union Local 456 is trying to take control of the Security Guards by trying  to recruit the Casino Security Guards into Local 456.  The Teamsters Local 456 have men out of work who have been in this union for 30 years and not working, men without steady work, no jobs and no power.

The people that I have interviewed in the past year are extremely disappointed in the service, and one hispanic man told me that a black woman screamed at him for calling her to help him with the machine, she was talking to a security guard laughing, and he interrupted her conversation, and she cursed at him.   Then another hispanic woman told me when she took the shuttle bus to her car in the parking lot, the bus driver a black man was very rude and nasty to her.  Then one night I had the honor to meet that bus driver, and trust me, she wasn’t exaggerating.  The parking lot could be a scary place, drunk men pissing on people’s cars, vomiting, and rudeness is just a few of the observances.

The bathroom’s smell like urine at times, one woman said they didn’t have proper disinfectant for the bathrooms.  The women’s bathroom has urine all over the seats, women are not using the toilet seat covers, they are pissing all over the seats and floor, it’s really disgusting.  This could be a disease incubator because thousands of people are using these facilities, and without the proper cleaning products, people could end up spreading diseases. Do they wash down the seats and machines daily?  This is disgusting hygiene, and it’s not only happening at the Empire Casino, it’s happening all over.  Why do women urinate on the toilet seats?  Who does this?

This is a complete story about the Empire State Casino at Yonkers Racetrack, it’s about the truth,  what really goes on behind the scenes, the screens, and behind the machines at Empire Casino.  Why do the slot machine “Screens” roll out of  control when people are playing them?  Well, I recall that’s why they are under investigation for fixing a contest, and that’s what happened when a woman won twice two times in a row.

The contestants complained and felt the contest was fixed, and witnesses came forward acknowledging that the “Empire Casino Marketing Department” is shady and contests can easily be fixed with these computerized games.  My advice to anyone going to any Casino, just go to play for fun, don’t go thinking you’re gonna win big because the odds are not in your favor.  The only thing that you are going to try to win, is your hardworking money back.

Ex- employees have come forward saying that they have lost their jobs for complaining.  The financial numbers are not meeting up, and security lay-offs have been discussed, this casino needs more security officers.  Patrons have to pay for drinks, a Martini is $9 dollars, Beer $5 dollars, Rum & Coke $7 dollars.  There is no happy hour in this place. The Empire Casino can be fun for the moment, it’s a lot of bells and whistles and smoke and mirrors, and party goers beware it’s a very costly night.  There has been fights inside the casino, a man was brought out in an Ambulance after passing out one night and that can be scary when you are dealing with crowds of this multitude, a male kicked the taxi sign in anger and then got on a packed bus, no security to be found. People fighting over handicap parking and the list of complaints continues to go on and on. However, all the security guards have always made me and my crew feel comfortable, but, sometimes the crowd can get a little rough, you have to keep your guard up at all times at this casino.

The Empire Casino Television Commercial that you see advertised is very misleading to the public. The element has changed there it’s a stressed environment.  There are less whites going there on a daily basis, the majority of its clientele are blacks and hispanics. The Latino music is very loud.  The food is not that good either, the buffet tastes like dried up leftovers, the buffet had dried up rice and beans, mac and cheese,  beef, and more, it seems that the casino is catering to a Latino clientele.  The Restaurant buffet manager is a very nice man, however, we did tell him about complaints that we received from patrons, and about the restaurant service and quality of the food, and when we returned to casino restaurant after a couple of weeks, the casino did nothing about any of the complaints, absolutely nothing was done.  Now,  about the other restaurant at the casino, its expensive, but from what I understand you can get a good steak for $39.99 a person, although everything on the menu is a’ la carte.  The Casino knows how to lore people in by sending the locals $5 & $10 dollar coupons monthly for a free play, and the discount coupons are to eat in the cafeteria, by the way the pizza is pretty good, and they hand out cheap gifts, meanwhile, people are maxing out their credit cards to try and win back their losses.

You Can Shout About It! Empire Casino Rant

The best advice I can give you is if you win a few bucks, get out leave, hold on to your wallets tight. It’s definitely over crowded inside the casino, once a machine pays it will then suck you in and in the end, you will definitely lose a lot of money if you are not careful, and the parking lot has it’s  problems too.  People are coming out of the casino long faced, feeling deceived, angry, depressed and broke.  The slot machines hypnotize you, did you hear me, I’ll say it again, the slot machines hypnotize you, so make it a point to print out your ticket when you win, and put a smaller bill in the slot machine, if you decide to keep playing the same machine.

There is a lot of shady things going on in this casino, we saw it on a couple of occasions there was definitely scamming going on.  People put a twenties into the slot machine, then, they hit the button and they win, then they quickly print the winnings out of the slot machine, and quickly put another twenty into the slot machine, taken off the pile of twenties in their hand and they continue this method over and over and in a matter of minutes they’ve won large amounts of money, and we reported it to the management of the casino.  We wrote down the time, the number of the machine, and the day and a description of the people, and we gave it to the management so they can investigate this scam.   Remember,  the casino has plenty of camera’s up in the ceiling, it’s too bad the security officials who sit behind those camera’s don’t pay attention to the shady activity going on.  They should react quickly, but they don’t.  Recently, it was told to The Westchester News that security is investigating a lot of this shady activity that is going on inside and outside the casino.  We’ll keep you posted on the scams that we are informed about day to day.

Instead of going to this casino, you might want to go play bingo, where you can control your spending or maybe you can buy yourself something special, go see a show in New York, something that can make you happy inside, something you can hold dear in your heart as a special memory, something like an entertaining movie or a Broadway show or an oldies show or a nice quiet dinner, maybe something like Westchester Broadway Theater,  just somewhere nice or maybe you can give your money to your children or maybe use the money to pay for your children’s education because this casino certainly isn’t going to pay for your children’s education or your household bills.   Please think about how you’re throwing your money away, think.

Local politicians have their fundraisers at Empire City Casino, recently, Nick Spano had a fundraiser at the Casino in there VIP room.   I wonder who paid the bill?  Did the taxpayer pay for his political party or does the casino comp these elected officials or former officials?  Did the casino do it for free?   Where is all the money that is supposed to be going into the Yonkers Schools from the profits of this casino, I’ll say it again 75 million in one night!  Where is it?  Yonkers School System is the worst and The Westchester News broke the story WATCH THE VIDEO.

One customer said,  “You cannot win in this place, forget about it.”  They come from all over to Yonkers Empire City Casino, and they all say the same thing you can’t win.   The General Manager Bob is a very nice guy, but that doesn’t change the fact that people are not happy with their visit to this Casino.  Patrons are getting robbed, but the security management thinks it’s not the casino’s fault because these patrons are losing there money at their own free will.  We say it’s not the patrons fault because if they drop their wallets on the floor and management doesn’t think that their obligated to return it, somethings wrong, management is misleading the public.

Remember, this guy Fredrick Zappulla he killed his roommate in New York City, and then he cleaned himself up and came to Yonkers to play the slots before getting arrested.  Can Yonkers get any worse?  Geeze!

Empire City Casino in Yonkers is a losers playground it reeks of disappointments, losses and despair.

One thing that I saw there that I though was very sweet was a mentally challenged adult group home, and a mentally challenged man started screaming I won, I won, I win the money, I won, and he might have won $300.00 dollars on a .75 cents bet.  I was so happy for him, and it made me feel good inside to see that precious moment.  I don’t know if he really won, but if he did, good for him, if he didn’t shame on Empire City Casino and New York State Officials for targeting the mentally challenged group homes who are coming there in bus loads, shame on this casino for taking advantage of the slow and disabled.

Handicap people are losing their disability checks at the Yonkers casino, and the MTA is busing them there from all over the Metro Area.  The Westchester News.Com broke the story and now it hit the networks and airwaves:












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  2. Tony Provolone

    First of all, any casino impact on local communities is devastating and it will contribute to higher crime, poverty, social devastation and degradations of its citizens including vulnerable young children, whom will be temped soon they are of age along with drugs to enhance the emotion dilemmas.

    Casino deal with cash and lots of it, taken from anyone whom wish and is eager to try their luck, including those whom work hard to bring home the basics to live and feed their family, and of course let us not leave out the addiction that is being developed here.

    We all know the saying, Money is the Mother of All evils, so why are surprised!! with 540.50 million dollars annual revenues in 2009 Empire City is growing to hit the 1 Billion annual revenues.

    But let us not forget that casinos deal with a lot of cash coming in from all sources including drug money, delinquent money, and so on. So it makes a casino the laundry mat for money.

    The following article by J. Arlin Grabbe got my attention:

    Money Laundering Offenses
    Despite the various reporting requirements, prior to 1986 money laundering itself was not a crime in the U.S. But 18 U.S.C. 1956, which was enacted in 1986, and strengthened in 1988, 1990, 1992, and 1994, changed all that. This addition to the U.S. code set out three categories of criminal money-laundering offenses: transaction offenses, transportation offenses, and “sting” offenses.
    Briefly, a transaction offense is any attempt to make a financial transaction using the proceeds from any illegal activity. A transportation offense is the attempt to transfer money across the border when the money was obtained illegally or will be used for illegal purposes. A sting offense is the attempt to make a financial transaction with money that is legal, but which a federal law enforcement officer has lied about and claimed it has come from some illegal activity. More specifically:
    Transaction Offenses: It is a money laundering transaction crime for any person to conduct, or to attempt to conduct, a financial transaction which, in fact, involves the proceeds of specified unlawful activity, knowing that the property involved in the transaction represents the proceeds of some crime, and, while engaging in the transaction, with either a) the intent to promote the carrying on of the specified unlawful activity, or b) the intent to commit certain tax crimes, or with the knowledge that the transaction is designed at least in part a) to conceal or disguise the nature, location, source, ownership, or control of the proceeds, or b) to avoid a cash reporting requirement.
    Transportation Offenses: It is a money laundering transportation crime for any person to transport, transmit or transfer, or to attempt to transport, transmit or transfer, a monetary instrument or funds into or out of the U.S., and, while engaging in the act, with either a) the intent to promote the carrying on of specified unlawful activity, or b) the knowledge the monetary instrument or funds represent the proceeds of some crime, and the knowledge that the transportation, etc., is designed, at least in part, (i) to conceal or disguise the nature, location, source, ownership, or control of the proceeds, or (ii) to avoid a cash reporting requirement.
    “Sting” Offenses: It is a money laundering crime for any person to conduct, or to attempt to conduct, a financial transaction which involves property represented to be the proceeds of specified unlawful activity, or property used to conduct or to facilitate specified unlawful activity, said representation being made by a law enforcement officer or by another person at the direction of, or with the approval of, a federal officer authorized to investigate or to prosecute 1956 crimes, and, while engaging in the transaction, with the intent to a) promote the carrying on of specified unlawful activity, or b) conceal or disguise the nature, location, source, ownership, or control of the property believed to be the proceeds of specified unlawful activity, or c) avoid a cash reporting requirement.
    Thus, as originally defined, “money laundering” only took place if the financial transaction involved (or some law enforcement officer said it involved) some otherwise illegal activity. But the definition kept getting redefined to broaden its scope. Eventually the failure to fill out one of the BSA reports became, by legal definition, money laundering also.
    But the expansion of law didn’t stop there. Since some people attempted to evade the $10,000 threshold in the BSA reporting requirements, legislation was imposed that made “smurfing” or “structuring” a crime also. To divide a $10,000 cash payment into two $5,000 payments, in order to avoid filling out one of the BSA forms, is an example of structuring.
    Structuring is defined in a 1991 amendment to the Bank Secrecy Act thusly: “Structure (structuring). . . . a person structures a transaction if that person, acting alone, or in conjunction with, or on behalf of other persons, conducts or attempts to conduct one or more transactions in currency in any amount, at one or more financial institutions, on one or more days in any manner, for the purpose of evading the reporting requirements . . . ‘In any manner’ includes, but is not limited to, the breaking down of a single sum of currency exceeding $10,000 into smaller sums, including sums at or below $10,000, or the conduct of a transaction or series of transactions, including transactions at or below $10,000. The transaction or transactions need not exceed the $10,000 reporting threshold at any single financial institution on any single day in order to constitute structuring within the meaning of this definition” (31 C.F.R. 103.11(p) (1991)).
    Naturally all this paperwork made many cash-based businesses unhappy, and they complained to Congress. So the BSA was further modified to allow exemptions to the requirement to fill out currency transaction reports for businesses whose deposits or withdrawals of currency fall into any of the following categories (see 31 C.F.R. 103.22(b)(2)(1992)):
    1) They are made from an existing bank account, and the business is an established U.S. depositor who operates a “retail type of business”. This means that the business sells consumer goods for which payments are substantially in the form of currency, just as long as it is not an automobile, aircraft, or boat dealership. (Reporting is still mandatory for the latter, because it was claimed that drug dealers often buy cars, planes, or boats with cash.)
    2) They are made from an existing bank account, and the business is an established U.S. depositor who operates a sports arena, race track, amusement park, restaurant, hotel, check cashing service licensed by state or local government, vending machine company, theater, regularly scheduled passenger carrier, or public utility. (This exemption means, of course, that race tracks and sports stadiums now provide important mechanisms for laundering cash.)
    3) They are made by a local, state or United States governmental agency or instrumentality. (Government agencies who handle large amounts of cash thus frequently become venues for money laundering activity.)
    4) They are made from an existing bank account, and the business is an established U.S. depositor who regularly withdraws more than $10,000 to pay its employees in currency.
    Also exempt from CTR reporting are currency transactions made with Federal Reserve Banks or Federal Home Loan Banks, transactions between domestic banks, or transactions between commercial banks and nonbank financial institutions.
    Of course, despite these convenient alternatives, money laundering also takes place through casinos. The relative size of different casino sectors can be ascertained through their gross annual gaming revenue (GAGR). In 1994 Nevada casinos had $6.8 billion GAGR, New Jersey casinos (who fall under the BSA) $3.4 billion, the 60 or so riverboat casinos $3.3 billion, and tribal casinos about $3 billion.
    How to Launder through Casinos
    In the old days casino money laundering was as simple as walking into a casino with cash, buying casino chips, doing little or no gaming, and then turning in the chips for larger bills or a cashier’s check. But now such cash purchases of chips in amounts larger than $10,000 are subject to the various reporting requirements if done all at once.
    Smaller amounts are also aggregated under certain circumstances. Purchases in the same gaming area of less than $10,000 in BSA and Nevada casinos are aggregated if they take place within the same 24 hour period (“gaming day”), and are reported on IRS Form 8362 if the aggregate total exceeds $10,000. BSA, but not Nevada, casinos also aggregate across gaming areas. (This means, for example, that chip purchases at the blackjack tables are aggregated with the crap tables in BSA casinos.) Tribal casinos under IRS regulations have to aggregate chip purchases over a year’s time. (A $6,000 purchase in January and a $5,000 purchase in August is supposed to result in the $11,000 total being reported on IRS Form 8300.)
    The degree of casino compliance with the reporting requirements is not always clear. There has been virtually no IRS auditing of tribal casinos, for example.
    In any case, cash in amounts smaller than $10,000 may be conveniently laundered through any of the casinos. Larger amounts may also be laundered, but will have to be spread across different gaming areas (in Nevada casinos), or different gaming days (in BSA or Nevada casinos), or divided up and laundered across several BSA, Nevada, or tribal casinos.
    Another alternative available in Nevada casinos is to produce revenue through “verified winnings”. (“Verified” means a casino employee signs his name to a form that the money was won in the casino.) You may have noticed that slot machine payoffs of $1 million and more tend to take place on casino gala opening nights with plenty of photogenic “beautiful people” in attendance and extensive press coverage. This is not surprising given that some slot machines are controlled by software that has certain override features–“back doors” which give casino managers the ability to force payment of a jackpot. The same back door can also be a convenient money laundering mechanism, since payouts of verified winnings are not matched against personal identifying information under Nevada gaming law. Naturally, the existence of these software back doors is a secret guarded as carefully as the existence of back doors in banking software.
    Verified winnings in amounts greater than $10,000 are reported by Nevada casinos on state Currency Transaction Incidence Reports (CTIRs). These are also forwarded to the IRS Detroit Computing Center, but are not entered into the Currency and Banking Retrieval System, since the forms do not include customer names or any identifying customer identification. The IRS considers them useless.

    You draw your own conclusion about any casino and any laws govening it.


  3. Andres Canino

    This pass october 29 i got A WINNING TICKET FOR THE AMOUNT OF 4,020,00 and after reading your post about SCAM, is TRUE.i cash it and people with suit was in every step in my way,it actually want my money after i got it, it look like profesional guys, exactly retire NYPD ,i tell my friends the story and we play along with the slot machine i spend around 450.00 in slot and no even a good prize,, they really have control of the place,. Well friends it happen to me, be smart play ,if u` win cash it and go home with a big smile,(to empire city Shame of U/ bye and see my self in aqueduct, next time……………

    • Bill

      This person is a moron, mathmatically challenged and outright ignorant. Did she expect to win? Does she realize her statemnt that you will likely come out a loser is true of all casinos. Scaaaary

      • @Bill you mister are the moran because the people who we interview are regulars at this casino, and the odds should be in their favor to win, but, they never win anything in this casino playing max bet, that is zippo $$$ nothing. You talk a good game, but, I bet you can’t put your money where your mouth is, the truth is a bitch isn’t it, ooh Scaaaary…lol

      • Mag

        This is the same thing I’m thought.

      • Thats what im thinking. You should only go in with money your willing to lose. If you cant handle that, dont go. I have been there for years. Employees have been nice. Bathrooms have two cleaning ladies. Its hard to keep up with the pigs. Everyone knows casinos are there to make money.

  4. Maggie

    Empire City players – Be Aware: Everything that Barbara Ricci says is TRUE!!!
    When I play with my card, I win nothing, and the vouches they give me, I never win anything with it!

    It’s the people up there the eye in the sky watching you play from the ceiling and they’re flipping the switch and they can control the payouts and this is how it’s being done.
    I will give you a perfect example: I went on a Monday night where the Casino was fairly quiet – I went to the 2nd floor to try the slots there, I was already down $10 on a penny machine, so I pull out my last 20 cents and saw a machine right across that would allow me to play the 20 cents. It was a .5 cents machine and as soon as I hit the play button the machine paid me, and every spin after that (every) spin gave me a payout. I kept cashing out just to see the amount of cash I had. My .20 cents had already gone up to $20.00 – I thought to myself geez this machine may just give me a jackpot! Well guess what? After a few more Winning Spins – SUDDENLY MY MACHINE READ CALL ATTENDANT! For absolutely no reason! The Service light was blinking but no attendant came over. I had already cashed out to see how much I had so there was no need to stay at that machine. However, I went to the machine right next to it – of course no attendant showed up while I was still there. Why do you think no attendant showed up? Because they would have to open the machine to reset it they stick in their card and without people noticing they flip the switch (you know the switch to make it a harder payout) – the machines have switches 1-4 and that is what controls how loose or how tough a machine is to payout. and since I was still sitting there –I would have seen the attendant do this (not beneficial to the casino you seeing and attendant flip the switch right in front of you) This is something everyone should start observing for yourselves. So being that this machine was soooo loose and the eyes in the sky noticed it because the casino was practically empty – they were able to disable my machine – keeping, me from hitting the jackpot! So yes people – Be Aware of the Eye’s in the Sky at – Empire City Casino they are scamming all of us it is the biggest scam Ever!!!!

  5. Ruth E. Claudio

    When Empire City first opened it was a pleasure to go there and enjoy oneself. There were plenty of attendants and floor girls and the slot machines were alot looser. Now it seems that they are competing with other area casinos to see who makes the most money and the hell with the people who are the ones who keep them afloat. You no longer can find an attendant to help when you run into a problem, you have to spent time chasing down a waitress when you are dying of thirst, the slot machines no longer offer high payouts, the buffets has little variety for the price, the food at the snack cafe is overly priced and so is the one at the food court. I for one no longer receive my monthly calendar because, as I was told by one of their cashiers, I have to build up my points (I go there every week) and every time I go up to the promotion desk on senior day (Wednesdays), I have to show my ID card. I never see them asking anyone else to show theirs, as though I’ve been tagged, but I don’t know why. Also, I have noticed that the slot machines start having trouble the minute you start winning, the machine stops and reads CALL ATTENDANT flashing in and out as you are playing. I for one feel that no matter how much and how long you complain they will not pay attention to you as long as they make their numbers. Gambling is Gambling but this is ridiculous, there are way too many people complaining. If they don’t watch out there they are going to lose many of their customers.

    • what a shame every story i have just read i believe. i once played on a dime machine. i spent 500 dollars and i received no payout at all. when i went back a time later that machine was removed. Now empire city is removing all the machines they payout to, and replacing them with machines that are very corny looking. Machines that when you take a look, isn’t very eye catching to make you go over and play them, maybe thats good, i can just walk away and finally save my money.

  6. Jutsey

    Everyone can’t expect to win a jackpot everytime. You go with $ you can afford to lose and take a chance. If you hit something – good! If not, it wasn’t your day. I go to take a chance and have fun and never have regrets.

  7. jeanne

    This is why it is called gambling. If you cant afford to lose, you have no business playing. The writer lost $100. BooHoo. Did she even entertain the thought that she might lose, or did she think all she had to do was play and automatically walk out a winner? Her statements about the bathrooms being filthy is a total falsehood. I find the bathrooms well kept, completely clean and as fresh smelling as a bathroom in such a busy place can be. I would like her to find for me, a casino where everyone wins. I will be first on line.

    Reply to the comment above:

    Anyone who says that Empire City Casino bathrooms are clean, lol, just might be one of the people pissing on the toilet seats. No Excuses accepted, woman who piss on a toilet seat can spread disease, and they should know better and pick up the seat if they are going to squat and piss like a dog. Some of them even piss all over the floor and they leave their mess for the bathroom matron to clean up. Hey, where I come from we call woman like this dirty filthy pigs. The men’s bathroom is clean, the women’s bathroom is disgusting. Go Figure.

  8. carmen r febles

    however, its time for empire to pay out to those who you lured from atlantic city to yonkers. come on the minute that i got there , you entised me by giving a huge jackpot of 8.000 to eventually take it away and not give you anything else. i am going back to atlantic city casinos , where they give you free drinks, and in turn you gladly tip the waiters nicely. empire should not charge for drinks.

  9. Martin

    Yeah! Empire City $UCKS! and $UCKS! –Try Atlantic City better, At least their payouts are bigger.

  10. Rob(bery)

    I have never experienced such a blatant fix of digital gambling in my life. I am an experienced numbers guy. I know odds like you know (name something). I have been taken at the craps table on multiple occasions. There is no possible way that a person can lose so many times in a row, only when betting large money. I am not from New York, but I am convinced that there are button pushers above who will wait for a player to wager a large bet, only to “crap” them out. The only odds that pay at Empire Casino, are the ones that cost you everything. Congratulations dirt bags, you exemplify New York corruption. At least you could try to pay some wagers to cover your theft efforts. I’m really surprised you didn’t shake me for my lunch money at the door, and carjack my vehicle at the valet. The best advice I can give to the Yonkers and NY public, is to throw an egg at this crooked building and stay the hell out of there. You are guaranteed to lose your money!

  11. jenn

    I don’t understand why anyone didn’t bother the shit out of every attendant there until they solved their problems.. I would have definitely. To the lady that was winning a bunch of money then the slot machine flashed “CALL ATTENDANT” I woulda straight went and got an attendant myself and if they’re all rude fuck it idc I’ll simply still keep bothering each & everyone of them until I get the help I need, especially if you could see the attendant do the “switch” thing you were talking about I would take a pic of it & let them know they’ll be sued. jeese people take some action a bunch of you should go “play” & if it happens to you a bunch of ppl complaining all at once would probably get them very nervous then they would realize what needs to be done before they end up sued & out of more money than they scammed for.

    • Empire city slots are controlled in albany. They are monitoring your play. They dont need to flip a switch. I have a real slot machine in my house. There is a switch inside that shuts machine off but back up battery keeps credits. Mine has key on side that will fix a problem but even if thats on the inside now, it doesnt adjust payout. I had a malfunction on a machine upstairs in empire city on a machine that kept giving me free games and after he fixed that machine it kept paying out and he did his best to fix it because he saw i was winning. You have to wonder if its the attitudes of the people.

  12. This is by far the wooooooooooooooooooooorst casino in the country. Do not waist you hard earned money.



    • Anna

      I will never,ever,return to Empire City Casino until they get their sickened act together and treat us customers more humanely and fairly.
      My experience is that I went last evening, and was playing a fairly new wheel game on the second floor “hot flash’ at 2 cents or something similar. Twice I hit the hotflash bonus (after stopping the machine from spinning). Twice I got sort of scammed when the Hot Progressive payout didn’t add up to the Progressive as advertised! Also, both pointers were NOT included in the payout and I’ve complained. Never, ever going back. Ripoff artists!1

    • I agree most games you dont have to play max. Last year i was playing five treasures at 1.76. Must have been a minute, hit the major progressive for 1300. Luck

  14. Lanny

    I worked as a male Union Housekeeper in a Casino the men use the restroom piss all over the floor donot wash thier hands throw paper towels all over the floor then complain to the managers that the rest room is dirty.
    Why do you think it is called Gambling.The Casino are a business and are out to make Money.why do think they are called one arm bandits?You have free will and enter the casino on your own if you are loosing go home .I seen People stay at the slot machine all day that is a addiction Most People who eneter the casino do not seem happy have a frown on thier face.

  15. tito

    its true everything they say about empire i have put two or three hundred and not won anything if you win its a couple of dallors the food is not what it used to be and they are taking advantage of people at the atm machines tito

  16. stacy

    Personally I feel a person is responsible for there own action. If one doesn’t have the money to play maybe the casino is not for you. That’s why its called gambling some win some loose. Its up to you if you want to take that risk

  17. Nobo daddy

    After about losses of 20,000.00 since opening day of yonkers casino, I can tell everyone , yes I’m a fool. Every machine in this place sucks….you used to see some winnings, now look around when you’re there and see if anyone gets excited over their winnings..it’s NYS pilfering your money..you’re better off driving your car up by the casino entrance and throwing your cash in the garbage and drive away, because that’s the result you get when you put the money in the slot machine…stay away, it will ruin you!!!!!!!!

  18. Empire is worse than a scam. I’ve come to hate the place. Not only do the machines take more than they give, after the food court was renovated they raised prices on everything including a SMALL cup of coffee. Last year I was able to get a cup of coffee for 90 cents plus tax, Then they raised the price about 50 cents and started using even smaller cups. Two months ago, after the renovation was completed, they increased a SMALL cup of coffee by a dollar to 2,50 plus tax = $2.73!!! OMG!!!!! I will not be going back again any time soon . . .

  19. luv to play slots

    On May 3 I went to the casino and was playing hot shots red the machine gave me the bonus round. the the last spin came up the two 7 came down. The third seven was about to stop and the machine blanked out reading CALL ATTENDANT. When the attendant came over and reset the machine the screen was on a totally different screen. I explained to the attendant that was not the screen my machine blanked out on. I asked to speak to her to her sup., to no avail did i get any positive results out of that. I then asked to speak to her manager and then to the head manager. The machine was suppose to pay out over $42,000. Long story short, short story shorter they did not rectify the problem. I then call the NYS Gaming Commission. Spoke to a lady name Karen. Nothing was done. She was suppose to get back to me on several occasions, still hasn’t happen. The NYS gaming Commission knows what they are doing because the casino is ran by them. Something needs to be done to these crooks on both ends. Maybe if they are taking to court and sued maybe they will run a honest business. Past the word on stay out as much as you can or go as little as you can. If we all stay out of there for at least 1 month then they will feel the pinch in their pocket just like us.

  20. sam

    I personally haven’t visited the Empire Casino. However, I do frequent several other casinos. I have sat on machines all night. I have won tons of bonses only to win minisle payots. Obviosly, the machines are rigged. I have heard from several people they control the machines through surveillance cameras. I’ve also been told when they empty the machines of cash they adjst the machines. Sorry my compter is missing a vowel.

  21. Hello my own spouse! I must state that this article is remarkable, great published and can include approximately all important infos. I’d like to appearance extra posts this way .

  22. JINGO


  23. n. lei

    check out the exacta payoff on race 7 from November 29, 2013
    You are lucky to get a payout froma slot showing a jackpot. A heist took place in this race. There’s cameras on who bought and cashed the ticket, and at what track it was done. It doesn’t take over a month to apprehend the driver or trainer who called his connection from the race paddock. About ten thousand buck was stolen.

  24. Joe

    Ever notice that there is no casino control commission at Empire City Casino . This speaks volumes.

  25. No sucker

    Scam or not, you people CHOOSE to waste your money in casinos. You may as well go play a scratch off ticket. Apparently your odds are better there. Casinos are not in the business to GIVE their money out via payouts. That’s why I go there for the FREE SHOWS ONLY and bring my own food and drink because of the ridiculous prices in the food court. Spend your money wiser. Don’t blame the casino for being crooked. If you know they are, why go there? Take a vacation if you have money to burn.

  26. S Simms

    I was recently in Empire Casino where I have found an abandoned ticket hanging out the machine. There was no one around the machine so i took the ticket joking to my companion here’s another 5 cents to play with. when i looked at the ticket it had over a hundred dollars on it. However 15 minutes later Yonkers police surrounded me and ordered me to return the money. I have hired an attorney in this matter. Not for the money but for the horrible treatment. Do not let these people bully you on the back of the ticket it clearly states that you who bears this ticket is sole owner. was surveillance cameras the Yonkers police surrounded me and demanded me to give the money back. However whoever is the bearer of this ticket is sole owner the woman who claimed it was her ticket didn’t sign. So next time you find a ticket at the casino or a scratch off sign it immediately.

  27. Ria

    That casino is ripoff I hope that casino shutdown

  28. Sandra D. Richards


    June 4TH 2015

    I have been a green card member, with one win, $2,506. I was deceived by the host to play and play, to become a Black card 33,000 points, WELL I received a letter in the mail with a Black Card Elite Player now….WOW!!!!
    Here’s the TRUTH, ever since they mailed this card to me, I HAD MEGA THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN LOSES, I PROMISE YOU. I started to complain to host, and the promotion mgr. Well, I was on RADAR ever since, ALL BECAUSE I FELT THE CASINO WAS ROBBING ME OF MY MONEY. not completed, as yet

  29. fred

    It is so true, I am from Albania a poor country but in my country slot machines give much more , you get free drinks, machines are good quality german machines and new not scam like here ,save this big money that 100% you will loose in Empire state casino and gomake a trip to Albania play in Albania you will come with suitcases full of money and was my first time to visit Empire State Casino and playing from my savings 2.000 and I didn’t even get any cent, the slots there sucks , people dont go to play there it is really a scam they see you from the cameras they fix and digital and run all this place , everything it is so good calculated , you pay in a minute 100 every minute you spend there is a big money in the pockets of the stupids,I mean to play 2 .000 dollars really to dont even win once something STOP PLAYING HERE empire state casino is a big mine of money made by you dear poor new yorkers understand for once dont spend even a cent inside there

  30. fred


  31. Chrissy

    I totally agree this place is definitely a scam. I lost my whole tax refund by chasing my lost and Im still trying to go get my money back little by little but when I win 200 they get that back plus what I brought with me to play.

  32. elson barci

    never go there is controled by cameras in every machine they, so big scam, the chances to lose are 99.99%, the workers with a notebook and their ability to fix every computer with odds against us

  33. Latisha Marshall

    I totally understand this it happens to me as well I don’t even want to say how much I lost In that place and don’t go home with anything

  34. Lataya shape

    I went to Empire casino and within 25 minutes, i lost $540.00. And never won in none of their casino machine a penny and i try almost half of them. Not only that, one of machine didn’t give me my money, i call for help and the person who came to help me work’s in the casino told me the machine are fix. From the camera’s they can control the machine. They pay off a small amount so you keep on playing until you land up loosing all you money Empire Casino is a scam.

  35. I agree with everything that you say I have almost 2 years playing in this casino. A it never win last night I lost 800 dollars. And any time I come in lost almost my job check trying to get part of the money I lose. I’m very fustred with this casino. I terrible I got sow many problems because is really robbing my money and if you lose 200 dollars is difficult to get back your money..

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