Earthquake 8.8 Magnitude Causes Devastation

On February 27th, at 3:34 AM, an earthquake struck Chile with one of the strongest earthquakes ever recorded, a magnitude 8.8 Earthquake devastated Chile, reported by Chile’s Minister, as many as 700 people have been killed as of now.  The earthquake also triggered a Tsunami across the Pacific Ocean that has headed toward Hawaii, there are 25 pictures to view below.

The Westchester News.Com

The Westchester News.Com



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2 responses to “Earthquake 8.8 Magnitude Causes Devastation

  1. Westchester news about the earthquake in Yonkers, New York and NYC, that hit Virginia and Washington D.C. The big one is coming in 2012.

    The Westchester News

  2. claudia serrano

    The earthquake in Chile was truly TERRIBLE my family is from Chile and they know Alot about it i just wanted to teach them a little something. Haha they seem to know everything.

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